From The Hood To The Burbs Breaking News While It's Still Breaking

Happenings NOW 3-13 thru 3-15 2012

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12:02am–Bridgeport–AMR EMTs report the had a minor fender bender on Congress Street.

‎4:03pm–Fairfield–Pedestrian struck by car at Post Road and Reef Road. Detective on scene says pedestrian is walking around and appears to be ok.

Connecticut’s Groundhog Chuckles has passed

12:22pm–Fairfield–Police are at Lake Mohegan looking for a woman who is has 8 dogs with her and none of them are on leashes.

2:04am–Bridgeport–Strong armed robbery at PT Barnum Housing Building 15. Victim robbed of $200 and roughed up. Police caught him outside building 8.

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