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Publishers Clearing House Scam Alert

If someone contacts you claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House (PCH), and tells you that you’ve won a prize award – then asks you to send a payment or money card in order to claim the prize – STOP! You have not heard from the real PCH.

Scammers use any means available – mail; telephone; internet; email and even Facebook! Whatever the method of contact, their main goal is to deceive you into believing you’ve won a prize award and need to send a pre-payment to claim that prize. Don’t fall for it!

A legitimate sweepstakes will NEVER ask you to send money to enter a sweepstakes, claim a prize, or to pay a fee, tax or deposit.  Consumers should always remember that at Publishers Clearing House no payment is ever necessary to claim a prize. If someone contacts you about winning a prize and requests that you send money back in return for any reason – STOP – you have not heard from the real Publishers Clearing House.

My in laws received the letter and check below, it’s a scam:
Publishers 1of3Publishers 3of3 copy

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