Month: July 2016

Bridgeport News: Crash!

10:26pm–#Bridgeport Connecticut– A family in the red car was just returning from vacation when they were hit by a Mercedes at the intersection of South Frontage and Myrtle Avenue. The Mercedes continued a block to South Avenue before coming to a stop. Radio reports said the liscence plates came back to a differnt car on the Mercedes. Police are investigating. A woman was injured in the red car.

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Westport News: Drowning At Sherwood Island State Park

UPDATE: Police Chief Foti Koskinas said two were rescued and it was uncertain if there was a third swimmer but the dive team continues to search the waters.


5:20pm–#Westport Connecticut– There is a report of a possible drowning at Sherwood Island State Park.  One person has been rescued, breathing and unconscious at the hospital.   The second person has not been located.   The dive team and mutual aid from surround towns  has been dispatched.


State of Connecticut DEEP stock photo
State of Connecticut DEEP stock photo