Following the initial arrest of Peter Wheeler, Jr. on January 23, 2024, the Fairfield Police Department continued its investigation into potential criminal activities involving Wheeler. During the course of this ongoing investigation, detectives uncovered information indicating the possible victimization of two juveniles. During the investigation, detectives discovered that Wheeler had been in contact with a juvenile male high school student through electronic means. This communication, which included text messages, phone calls, and social media interactions, occurred between late 2022 and late 2023. While text and photographs were exchanged, contact between Wheeler and the juvenile had been severed prior to the start of this investigation. An arrest warrant was submitted seeking to charge Wheeler with Risk of Injury/Impairing the Morals of…

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Fairfield News: Stay Inside!

These two cars that crashed at the intersection of Bronson Road and Cider Mill Lane sent in by David is the perfect example of the dangers of driving in the snow.In the past 3 hours we have heard at least 8 different spin outs and crashes, a lot of which were on I-95.

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