What Frequency Is Bridgeport Police On?

This is a question I get often, what frequency is the Bridgeport Police on.  Its the same frequency they have always been on, the difference is they are digitally encrypted so no scanner can hear the communications.   So how do I monitor them?  I have received special permission from the chief of police to purchase a modified Bridgeport Police radio.  It is a standard portable handheld Motorola radio.  It had to be modified so that if I key the microphone I cannot broadcast, and it only receives channel one (of six), the dispatch channel.  It wasn’t cheap either, $1,500.  Fortunately local businessman Jeremy Brock from Recover MyFlashDrive.com came to our rescue and purchased it in exchange for advertising.  Jeremy was one our first advertisers.  Jeremy was also so kind as to let us report from his business when the power went out for over a week during the last hurricane.


The Bridgeport Police went digitally encrypted a few years back because the officers were challenged by the bad guys being able to monitor their every move.  Often times they would catch drug dealers listening to them on their phone app.  It also aided them in knowing the locations of patrols.  even in police pursuits.  RadioReference.com still has some police departments that you can listen to, but they are delayed by a minimum of fifteen seconds so it does not assist the bad guys in pursuits.  Keep in mind when I post locations of police pursuits, that by the time I write the post and hit send minutes have gone by so we aren’t tipping anyone off.


As far as I know Connecticut Post, News12 and myself were the only news organizations to make the investment on the radios.  DoingItLocal.com is  the only news site that lets you know in real time what is happening in your neighborhood.  Pretty important information when there is a manhunt in your backyard!


Want Me To Visit Your Place of Business?

I often get requests from viewers to stop up and visit where they work.  I love meeting everyone and enjoy visiting.  If you want me to visit your place of work please e-mail me at DoingItLocal.com@gmail.com  Let me know what days and hours you are working and of course the address  and I’ll try to make it up.  With breaking news it is sometimes hard to  make appointments but I will of course do the best I can.

Here I am with viewer Jellybean at Jersey Mike’s Subs on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield where she works:


A recibo peticiones de los seguidores a visitar en el local que trabajan. Me encanta conocer a todo el mundo y disfrutar de una visita. Si usted quiere que yo visitara su lugar de trabajo, por favor envíame un e-mail DoingItLocal.com@gmail.com y dime qué día y hora que está trabajando y por supuesto la dirección y voy a tratar de hacer una visita. Con las últimas noticias a veces es difícil de hacer, pero por supuesto que va a hacer lo mejor posible.

Aquí estoy con seguidor Jellybean de Jersey Mike’s Subs on Black Rock Turnpike en Fairfield donde trabaja:

Muitas vezes eu recebo pedidos de seguidores para visitar onde trabalham. Adoro conhecer todo mundo e desfrutar de uma visita. Se você quiser que eu visite seu local de trabalho, por favor me mande um e-mail para DoingItLocal.com@gmail.com e me diga que dias e horas que você está trabalhando e, claro, o endereço e eu vou tentar fazer uma visita. Com notícias de última hora às vezes é difícil de fazer, mas claro que vou fazer o melhor que possivel.

Aqui estou eu com o seguidor Jellybean da Jersey Mike’s Subs na Black Rock Turnpike em Fairfield onde ele trabalha:

Welcome to DoingItLocal.com!

We’ve been around for over 5 years.  So why am I saying welcome to DoingItLocal.com?

Steve Krauchick Owner of DoingItLocal.com
Steve Krauchick
Owner of DoingItLocal.com

Since our news story on the woman crashing into the Cumberland Farms in Fairfield last week, it aired on all the TV stations in Connecticut, WABC-TV in New York and also Good Morning America!  Since then our audience has mushroomed to an weekly Facebook audience of 163,760 as of this writing.  Up 162.9%  from previous week!  That’s not including our audience on Twitter or DoingItLocal.com, yes it is a website.  Most view us on Facebook on their phones.

We are different from most news organizations.  We report on many news stories that aren’t reported on like gas leaks because they send so many firetrucks out on those calls.  We report in REAL time.  So if there is a foot pursuit or manhunt we let you know where so you know why the police are all over the place.  We don’t report on medical calls, domestic or suicides (unless it involves the public).

We only cover breaking news.  We sometimes TRY to be punny and try to present the news in a different light.  We are NOT politically correct, we have no agendas and we work hard not to have any political spin on stories.    We like snarky comments but will ban you from commenting if you use hate speech or publicly say anything bad about our sponsors.  I know my sponsors well and know if there is an issue they will gladly handle any concerns you might have.

So no, we aren’t replacing any news source, we actually enhance other news sources and share our stories.  We are different and that is why we are the fastest growing news source.  Thanks for being a part of it!

Want to get ALL our Facebook Posts?

Facebook intentionally holds back posts not just with us but with everyone.  If you want to make sure you continue receiving ours or others posts go back to our Facebook Page.  Where you clicked on “Like” click on it again and then select “Get Notifications”.   Now you won’t miss a thing!

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What’s with the hat?

When I first started covering news stories,  police were rightfully suspicious and wonder who is this guy and Mewhy is he recording us?  I also  own a reminiscing website YouRememberThat.com and back in the day reporters would be wearing a fedora style hat and they would have their press pass in the band of their hat.  It was a natural thing for me to do, and unnatural thing  since I don’t really like wearing hats.  But it was an important thing for me to do because not many men wear fedoras these days and it stood out.  It helped identify me with the public officials on who I am.  Years ago I even had an assistant fire chief refuse to talk to me because he had no idea who I was; today he and I are good friends.

The hat made me recognizable to the public officials and the public.  Adding the trench coat was a natural progression.  I joke about it that I go work in costume but it also allows me to do something no other media can do and that is come out from behind the logo.  To be a real person.  People like that.

My audience has grown substantially since the early days and most cops and firefighters now know me.  I learned the other night covering a fire a cop didn’t care who I was, I went to the next block and the cop was happy  to see me again.  It also stands out in my mind when I’m at a shooting and people shout out “It’s DoingItLocal!” or as I’m walking to a fire and people are looking out their windows, recognize me and give me a wave.  All it comes down to is I just want to tell you the story of what is going on in your neighborhood.

What Type of News Do We Cover?

Any business, especially a media business in this day and age  needs to continuously look at their strengths and weaknesses and see how they can best serve the public.  I have recently looked at what we do well and what we like to do and that is breaking news.  For over five years now that is what we have excelled at using social media.  There is no other way to deliver breaking news as it is breaking.

I’ve always referred to our reporting as “Drive By Media”.  That is we are there, report and drive by to the next story.  We don’t have the manpower to do much follow up.  Most of our reporting is scanner reporting.  I report what really hasn’t fully been reported to this degree int he past.  With this in mind you have to realize there isn’t really a crime spree happening, its just what hasn’t been reported before.  If you notice, most of our reports are about two sentences.

Most times our reporting is just scanner reporting.  My mom is proud that I made a career out of being nosy!  Sometimes a photo and a couple of sentences tells the story.  You guys are busy and I get that. Other times video tells the story best.  I’ve been doing that for over 35 years.

Because I know that I’m “Drive By Media” I know there is no replacing the follow up of TV or the  in depth reporting of newspapers.  That is why I share our media with the other media outlets.  I’m not looking to replace anyone but to enhance what they do.

Investigative or  political  we probably won’t be covering it.  Festivals, parades and the like although I enjoyed covering them I just don’t have the manpower to cover it.  They also didn’t get the views as we thought.  We have limited resources to cover them.  If you watch them we will come.

When Do I Sleep?

Possibly the most asked question, when do I sleep?  I intentionally work the night shift because that is when street crime and most breaking news happens.  Just before I started

Two radios play quietly during dinner time.  I don't wear a hat at dinner but I didn't think you'd recognize me without it!
Two radios play quietly during dinner time. I don’t wear a hat at dinner but I didn’t think you’d recognize me without it!

DoingItLocal.com a statewide TV station had a car crash into their studio just after midnight.  You’d think they would have had the best video of the story.  They didn’t.   There was no reporter or photographer at that hour.  An assistant producer took a cellphone picture and that was their coverage.  That also taught me there was an opportunity.


On average I only need seven hours sleep.  So of course it depends on what time I get to bed.  I’ve covered very late breaking and not get to be until 7am the next day.  But on average I try to be to bed by 3am  so I’m up by 10am usually without an alarm.  I still haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time yet so I’m getting to bed around 4am.  That is when the morning TV stations begin their day.  So if there is anything happens I can link to their story.  I don’t have to personally cover every story, I never intended to do that from the start.


I start working around 10-11am and start almost immediately, drinking my coffee and reading overnight comments and reading other news sites to see what happened while I slept.   Alex, my son and business partner go over the day and what should be accomplished for the day.  I then usually meet with advertisers or work on other websites and projects.  By 6pm Alex is calling it a night and we are called up for dinner.  But my day is only half over.

I never miss a naportunity!
I never miss a naportunity!

I’ll have dinner with the family and then watch some TV while the scanners play quietly in the background.  By 7:30pm I’ll nap while Wheel of Fortune plays.  Sometimes nap time shifts but I never miss an naportunity on my Lazy Boy just recently delivered from Spector Furniture in Ansonia!     If I don’t get that nap I’m dragging by midnight.  Its what gets me t0 3am and beyond!  10 minutes will do it!


If you are reading this as it posts at 8am Friday its because I often auto post stories to spread them out through the day.  This also helps the illusion that I never sleep!

The Operations at DoingItLocal.com

Here is the Operations Desk at DoingItLocal.com in our new location in Fairfield.  The new location has me 7 minutes to downtown Bridgeport OR Fairfield, 9 minutes to East Main Street Bridgeport and points between.  This has already allowed me to cover news stories while they were still breaking.

Towards the left you will see a series of scanners.  The bank of computers are used to allow us to record and archive calls.  It allows us to roll back the call to get the address if I missed it the first time.  Sometimes we use the call in the news reports to give it the drama it had as the story unfolded.  Other times we need the audio to prove what we reported was actually what was broadcasted.

The left computer is Alex’s computer, he reports from 10am to 6pm.  The screen second to right is primarily a TV to tune to TV news or used as a second screen for computing.  The next one is my computer which I do 90% of my communicating with you.  It also acts as a second screen for video editing.  The far right computer is the video editing computer.

Just to the right is the door to the attached garage where the DoingItLocalMobile is garaged ready to go complete with dash cam.  Yes, the DoingItLocalMobile is powered by an Interstate Battery and it is maintained by Nick at Fairfield Auto Care to get me to the hood and back safely and reliably!

There also conference/media room to work on other projects.  Considering all the hours we put in it is great that we do work from home!