Local Heroes Unite to Gift Special Needs Person a New Bicycle

Fairfield-- In a heartwarming display of community spirit, two local businesses in Fairfield, known for their generosity and compassion, joined forces to make a special dream come true for a young man named Joey. Joey, a local resident with special needs, had his world turned upside down when his beloved bicycle broke down. Riding his bike brought him immeasurable joy, and it was more than just a mode of transportation; it was his source of freedom and happiness. Desperate to see a smile on Joey's face once again, Joey's family took to social media and posted a plea on Facebook for help in acquiring an adult tricycle to replace his broken bike. Their post caught the attention of two exceptional…

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Fairfield Cops Bust Romanian Connection

In Fairfield, two individuals, a male identified as Radu Radulescu with a date of birth of 10/24/88, and a female identified as Pinchi Anghel with a date of birth of 3/25/90, are currently in custody. The Fairfield Police Department was contacted because both individuals were recognized by Home Depot for engaging in larcenies through fraudulent activities. Their modus operandi involved taking products from the shelves, returning the items, and using sleight of hand techniques to steal money from the cashiers. During the encounter with law enforcement, the female provided a fake name, which led to her being charged with interfering with the officers. The male subject, Radu Radulescu, who has an extensive criminal history across multiple states, attempted to evade…

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Fairfield News: Cooking Oil Stollen

#Fairfield CT-- Rawley's Drive-In at 1886 Post Rd, Fairfield reported to police that sometime over the weekend someone stole their used cooking oil. People usually steal used cooking oil primarily because it can be sold to be recycled and converted into biodiesel. Rawley's has been a Fairfield favorite since 1947 and is often visited by Martha Stewart and Food Network Alex Guarnaschelli.

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