Bridgeport News: Homeless Family Doused

Bridgeport Police said: At 2242hrs on Wednesday September 21, 2022 the Bridgeport ECC received a 911 call from a female party indicating she is homeless and sometimes sleeps at the bus stop area at Huntington Plaza and wants to report a male party on a scooter threw a white product at her and her adult son. Bridgeport Police, Fire and AMR responded. BFD and AMR assessed both parties who both refused medical assistance. At this time the product was deemed to be a dry chem/extinguisher product or baking soda however; it was deemed nonhazardous. 2022-09-21@11:35pm--#Bridgeport News: A homeless family living in the parking lot of Huntington Plaza on Huntington Road was doused with some sort of substance. Firefighters were also…

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Stamford News: Person Shot

2022-09-19@9:45pm--#Stamford CT-- Report of a person shot in the leg on Woodland Avenue. First responders on the way. This is our first post for STAMFORD. Download Our FREE App See ALL our posts not just what FacebookAvailable on Apple and AndroidSearch: Doing It LocalGet push alerts for important breaking news!! This news report is made possible by:

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