Carlos Vazquez and Donald Bensey

Bridgeport Police Blotter

Man Steals Wine, Breaks into Apartment, Threatens Medics--(Bridgeport, CT – Feb. 25, 2013)  -- A 20-year-old faces a variety of charges after he stole a bottle of wine from a bar, broke into a nearby apartment, threatened ambulance workers and then tried to escape from police.  It all happened Saturday over the course of several hours. Officer Michael Salemme initially was called to a downtown bar at 5:45 p.m. where a bartender said a man, whom she wouldn’t serve, came behind the bar, grabbed a $20 bottle of wine and ran off.  Police had responded to that report when, about an hour later, Officers Martin Pizighelli, Carlos Vazquez and Donald Bensey  were called to the 600 block of Fairfield Avenue…

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