Michael Tetreau

Ribbon Cut On New Regional Fire School

#Fairfield CT--Yesterday the ribbon was cut at the Captain Joseph S. Elias Fire Training Center and Fairfield Regional Fire School located at 205 Richard White Way (formely One Rod Highway), in Fairfield. The facility was named after Fire Captain Joseph S. Elias who founded formal training for firefighters in the area. Prior to that firefighter training was limited to on the job training. Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson who headed the former facility and now this one is a fourth generation firefighter. He told of a story of battling a mill fire in his fourth “veteran” year as a firefighter. The fire chief he was battling the fire with told him and the other men he didn't like to looks…

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Fairfield Budget Proposal / Update

Fairfield News: From the desk of First Selectman Michael Tetreau--I have been receiving many letters on this year’s budget proposal. I am attempting to read all the emails (close to 800 at last count). Since I will not be able to answer them all individually, I will do my best to respond to all concerns in a series of updates to the Fairfield budget update. Here is the first: Since our last budget a lot has changed. We managed over $3 million in cuts to municipal aid from the State including a midyear cut of $570,000. We were able to make adjustments in the budget to minimize the impact on services and our citizens. This year the Governor is proposing…

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Editorial–Is Fairfield Anti-Union?

Editorial–As Fairfield’s Random Act of Kindness program declared by First Selectman Tetreau winds down,  I hope our act of kindness is to give the Fairfield Police a half way decent contract.  The police in Fairfield have served in TWO hurricanes a  blizzard, and were one of the first on scene  in Newtown to give support without a contract. I have to ask why is Fairfield anti union?  They strung the firefighters out on their contract for a long time, heck even the nurses union.  Fairfield has a proven track record of being anti-union, from the  First Selectman Tetreau to a lot of members on the RTM.  Forget a pay raise, did you know that the Fairfield Police haven’t had a…

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