Buyer Beware; that goes for renters too.

  SCAM ALERT!!!! This is just another in a long list of reasons to ONLY work with a licensed Real Estate Agent. I have been getting emails from people about this, articles from other parts of the country and lately a few calls at the office. Tonight it hit home. I listed a lovely home in a beach area of Milford this week.  The owner just called me and said that someone drove by after I left the open house and asked the neighbor if the house was for rent. The neighbor said no it’s for sale why? “We saw it for rent on Craigs List”. Now, I know some agents put their listings on Craigs List; I do not…

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Young Professionals – Buy or Rent

  This was a topic suggested by a friend who I keep up with on Facebook. The reason I keep up with him on Facebook is he is always traveling. His job has him all over the place and quite honestIy I love living vicariously through him; he seems to be having a great time. My suggestion to him was “I think you need a motor home.” In all seriousness though, owning a home is not for everyone. We now live in a very small world. Think about it. 50 years ago you found a job and a community, settled down, raised a family and you moved (maybe) when you retired. Today that is not the case for many people.…

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