Doors were locked as of today.
Customers Surprised At Store's Closing

Customers of  the Tunxis Hill Blockbuster were surprised to find the doors locked and the store was closing permanently.  The Blockbuster chain plans on closing 182 stores in the first quarter of 2011.  This will leave 2,800 stores despite closing nearly 1,000 stores over the past two years.  Blockbuster has faced severe competition from many areas,  from Redbox rental dispensers in most grocery stores to Netfilix mail and on demand as well as on demand services from cable TV  satellite and internet.  Employees inside the store taking inventory would not answer the door so it is uncertain if the store is permanently closed or just today for inventory.  A sign posted on the door did say they are no longer renting but “Everything Now On Sale”.

Coming Soon!

We did confirm that Chip’s Family Restaurants will be taking Blockbuster place at this location.  A manager at the Chip’s Orange Store verified that the town of Fairfield approved their application and they plan on beginning construction by mid April.  They expect the new store to open sometime in August or September of 2011.

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