Police investigate possible leads.

At 1:13pm today police were contacted by a woman from Housatonic Community College that she received a cell phone call from a “professional kidnapper” stating he her brother in the trunk of his car, and if she wanted to see him again she was to withdraw money from the bank. Police immediately set up a perimeter and started looking for possible suspects in the area. Plain clothed detectives and unmarked police cars followed the woman as she follow directions from the “kidnapper” on her cell phone as she walked to People’s Bank on Main Street to withdraw money. She was then told to wire the money. She then went to the Kwik Pack and Ship on Broad Street. She was instructed to wire the money out of the country.

Victim was told to wire money out of country.

Police received a similar call earlier this morning from a man that was told his son was in the trunk of the car, the man had no son and hung up on him. It was then police realized this was another scam phone call.

Police in Fairfield are investigating “Grandma Scam” phone call that came in at 2:45pm today.  The person scamming usually calls  older people in the community with a teen crying “Grandma I’m in jail” or other such story and that they need to be wired money to get them  out of trouble or tries to get credit card information.

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