I got a panicked message on Facebook asking if I knew if the roof collapsed at Dairy Queen on 1902 Post Road.  With all the heavy snow we had I wouldn’t have been surprised;  the building has stood there since 1949.  I just don’t recall any roof collapses in Fairfield this brutal winter.  I did recall a story in The Patch about DQ renovating which you can read here.

Mid March Opening Expected

Since I was on my way out to cover the story on Blockbuster’s leaving and Chip’s Family Restaurant’s arrival I thought I would take a ride out.  I’m not always down that way, usually Dairy Queen IS my destination when I’m on this side of town.  Most Fairfielders know DQ is usually opened by February school vacation.

I met with Nick Frattaroli who has owned the DQ since March 1980.  He confirmed that they are usually opened by now, but the blizzards we have experienced this winter has delayed us getting our Blizzards!  The store is getting a full make over with new windows, new equipment and and a new stucco exterior.  Stucco needs a temperature of at least  40 degrees Fahrenheit to cure so they have to cover the building in the tarps and heat within.  Nick said he wants to keep the same pricing as last year, I noted the rising gas and fuel prices and wished him luck!  Good to know we have business owners with a conscious!

In addition to the improvements, fans of smoothies will be delighted to know that Orange Julius has merged with DQ and Orange Julius items will be found on the menu.  Nick told me the menu will expand but nothing that takes too much time to make to keep wait times at a minimum.   They expect a mid-March opening.  I can’t wait to be there this summer complaining about  the heat!

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