15:59–Bridgeport–Shooting at Berkshire and Pembroke Street with a large crow forming.  Police are looking for a young black male in a red hoodie and black jacket.
Update–Police have hands full with crowd control, requesting addition units to the scene.  Apparently family members fighting amongst each other.
Update–One shooting victim and one dog bite victim on the scene.
Update–Police have scene under control, starting to release a couple of cars for other calls.
Update–Gun shot victim sent to Bridgeport Hospital.

Fairfield–If you are in Faifield and hear sirens all over town it has all been medical calls keeping authorities busy…

2:55am–Norwalk–Norwalk Police have located the Volvo and has made an arrest.1:52am–Norwalk/Fairfield–Norwalk Police are looking for a 1999 blue Volvo station wagon that was involved in an armed robbery.  The Volvo has CT Plates 478 UTP and comes back to a Reef Road address in Fairfield.

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