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Mar 10, 2011

3:15am–Bridgeport–Armed Robbery on Fairfield Avenue. Police are looking for a a black male in his mid 40’s , about 6’1″ medium build with a black fedora, black mask, black gloves, black shoes black trench coat and possibly a white preacher collar involved in an armed robbery at 3486 Fairfield Avenue and he is armed with a shotgun.

1:27pm–Bridgeport–Police are reporting that a red Chevy Lumina with tinted windows and a police light in the windshield are ILLEGALLY pulling people over in the Hollow area. It bears CT Plate #- 726TRO and comes back to a Shelton Address. DO NOT PULL OVER FOR THEM AND CALL 911 immediately!

11:51am–Bridgeport–Police en route to Read School for students out of control in the main office.

11:45am–Bridgeport–Police are looking for a red 4 door Impala CT Reg- 509NOF stolen from Krauser’s on Fairfield Ave. This stolen vehicle has a loaded gun which of course concerns police.

Bridgeport–8 inch wide piece of fiberglass floating in water sends marine unit scrambling looking for a kayaker at St. Mary’s By The Sea.

12:02pm–Fairfield–Cat succumbs to smoky fire on Jennings Road.

10:43–Bridgeport–Two burglars caught red handed in a garage on Turner Road (off Madison).

Bridgeport–Single car into telephone pole we reported in our Traffic Updates on Boston Ave.  now called a crime scene.

Bridgeport–Armed Robbery Police are looking for 3 light skinned men in their twenties who displayed a gun and robbed a man of over $200 on North Ave. Two of them are wearing black jackets the other a gray jacket. They were last seen on Hancock Ave.

3-7-11–5:41pm–Bridgeport--Police are looking for a white male who robbed the Subway at 3811 Main Street of about $100, last seen running down Jewett Ave. Police are reviewing the surveillance video for further description.

11:49pm–Fairfield–Dinner and a show for Andros Diner patrons; a fire engulfed an SUV in the parking lot. Fire department quickly contains the fire.

High Speed Chases Keep Bridgeport PD Busy-
Multi-Town Chase on Route 8

Shortly after 8pm Bridgeport Police attempted to pull over a blue 1999 BMW 323I for motor vehicle violations on East Main Street near Kent Street.   The pursuit continued up East Main Street to Route 8 where the entered the highway northbound, continuing through Trumbull, Shelton and Derby.   Bridgeport PD was to terminate the pursuit at exit 15 where their radios reach their broadcast limits back to Bridgeport.  The pursuit continued with state police who attempted but failed to stop the BMW with stop sticks.  The car was lost the sight of the car somewhere around exit 17.  The BMW had  Connecticut plate 877XWZ.

A Second Chase Shortly After on the 25 Connector

Approximately 25 minutes later Bridgeport Police gave a short pursuit to a black Subuar, the chase quickly ended when the driver thought better and pulled over on the Route 8/25 Connector northbound by exit 5.  It wasn’t clear why the driver was wanted but he was arrested and taken to booking.

1:50am–Bridgeport–Police are looking for a heavy set Hispanic male in a red jacket carrying a flashlight who attempted to breakin at 155 Harborview Road.

3/5@1:26am–Bridgeport–After numerous fights last week, additional  police units preparing for Club Lo’s closing tonight.

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