11:56am–Bridgeport–Shots fired at 340 Trumbull Ave. Apartment A- 6 shots fired and a person grazed by a bullet. All people in the apartment have locked themselves in the bathroom, they possibly know who is responsible.   12:10pm–UPDATE–Bridgeport–Detective Bureau to investigate shooting at 341A (corrected) Trumbull Ave. Canine en route to track shooter. Multiple shots in the apartment one minor injury.


9:33pm–Bridgeport-Fire department called to 28 Autumn Street but the call was for 161 Spring Street.  Turns out to be a BBQ grill on the second floor, no fire no entry to the building.   A friendly reminder- BBQ grills in multi-family homes in Bridgeport is illegal for this very reason.

The body of a Westport real estate agent, missing for more than three weeks, has been found behind a cemetery in Portsmouth, N.H.

2:11am–Bridgeport–Fire Department quickly knocks down a kitchen fire at 130 Monroe Street on the second floor.  Stove fire extends slightly into the ceiling.  Fire department now reporting a domestic dispute taking place at the rear of the building, requesting police to respond.

10:25pm–Fairfield–A purse snatching just occurred at the Stop and Shop on Tunxis Hill, suspects ran out the door, chased by unknown parties and apprehend.   Here is an extended report from ConnPost.com.

4:47pm–Bridgeport–Driver paying more attention to the detective’s police car than the road crashes into the liquor store behind Green homes on Lexington and Harral Ave.

1:15pm–Fairfield–One youth was arrested today for shooting a BB gun near the law offices of the 500 block of Black Rock Turnpike (near CVS/Star Service Station). Allegedly he shot at people passing by yesterday and shot a Castle Avenue youth in the back twice today from his second floor window.  Lieutenant Jim Perez of the Fairfield Police Department credited the youth that was shot to have the presence of mind to not only get a house number from where the shots were coming from.   The youth doing the shooting was arrested on charges of Assault 2nd Degree, Breech of Peace, Reckless Endangerment and Risk of Injury to a Minor.  The youth that was shot suffered welts where the BBs struck him.

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10:38am—Fairfield—A anonymous citizen calls police that at  225 Old South Road a pedestrian was struck by a dark blue or black Audi station wagon with a broke windshield.   The  car continued on Old South and continued towards Harbor.  Pedestrian also fled the scene, possibly due to a language barrier.  Police are investigating.


At 9:34 pm the Fairfield Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a truck on fire on Interstate 95 southbound between exits 24 and 23. Additional 911 calls were received and witness reports indicated that a tractor trailer containing unknown materials was on fire in the northbound lanes.  The driver was located outside of the truck after he self rescued himself. The driver of the truck was transported by AMR to Bridgeport Hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the car was also transported to Bridgeport Hospital with unspecified traumatic injuries.  Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson stated, “The intense heat from the burning diesel fuel in the storm drains cause the concrete median to explode into pieces across all three lanes of the highway making the scene very dangerous for all emergency responders and bystanders.” The last Fairfield fire unit cleared the scene at 11:16 PM.    The contents of the trailer were identified as non-hazardous video equipment and were exposed to heat and smoke from the cab fire. Four engines, one ladder and the fire department shift commander responded to the scene.

By Stephen Krauchick

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