Here’s something you don’t see everyday.  We don’t normally report on fender benders but it is rare to see a Brinks Armored Truck and a Jaguar involved in one.  It occurred in Fairfield on Kings Highway at the traffic circle in front of Staples.  There were no reported injuries, the Jaguar received damage to the rear bumper.





As we exclusively reported last night here is the official police report so far regarding the two dogs hit and dragged on Maplewood Ave. in Bridgeport:

Officer was on patrol on Maplewood Avenue and came across an American Bulldog lying on the side of the road. The dog’s owner was there. Albio Barreira lives on Maplewood Avenue in Bridgeport. He told the officer his other dog had also been hit. The dog was discovered about 150 feet up the road. He gave police a description of the car he says hit the two dogs then drove off. He described the vehicle as a Honda Civic, late 90’s, red with a black hood, and with damage to the right headlight. Some vehicles matching the general description were stopped but none had the damage described by him. No arrests yet.

6:06pm–Bridgeport–Police are looking for a red Honda with a black hood that struck two dogs on Maplewood Ave. and dragged one for over 100 feet before fleeing the scene.. Police say the vehicle should have a broken headlight area where the dog was struck.


5:22pm–Bridgeport–A pedestrian was struck at the corner of Fairfield Avenue between Wendy’s and Super Stop and Shop.    Responders on the scene have told me that the pedestrian was not seriously injured but was transported to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Shelton High School Elevator Overcrowding Draws Emergency Response

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