11:15am–Bridgeport–Burglary in progress at 1600 Seaview Ave. Police nab one, canine on the way for the second suspect. First suspect falls through ceiling/rafters medics on the way. Police think second guy is still in the rafters. Fire department called to assist. 11:58am–Canine search turns up empty, a couple of open doors found by PD they think 2nd suspect gets away—for now.

Fairfield–Cops: Drunken woman undresses, urinates at school car wash-ConnPost

12:23am– Bridgeport –Police are investigating another armed robbery, this time at 235 Coleman Street. The suspects are two black males, one wearing black jacket and blue jeans, black handgun, the other white jacket with blue jeans, silver handgun. Fled down Coleman towards and turned right on Harral Ave in a older model gray Cadillac or Oldsmobile . UPDATE–Police Pursuit– Police spot a gray older model car on North Ave. pursuit it down Dewey and turns down Fairfield Ave. the wrong way and crashes. Two flee on foot but police catch one on 4951 Grove. One fled on Elm Street. 1:01am–UPDATE–Canine now on scene, police have sweater of the last remaining suspect for the dogs to track. 1:04am–Dog finds the suspect behind 44 Elmwood Place.

11:35pm–Bridgeport–An armed robbery just occurred on East Main Street near Spring Street. Responsible are two black males, one light skinned, wearing a black hoodie, dark blue jeans, short in height. He displayed a black handgun during the robbery. The second suspect was about 5’5″ wearing a gray hoodie and light blue jeans. He displayed a silver handgun. Both were last seen heading on foot towards Beardsley Park.

BRIDGEPORT, CT – The City’s mill rate for the 2010 Grand List has been submitted by Mayor Bill Finch to the City Council for immediate consideration at this evening’s Council meeting. The rate remains unchanged from last year at 39.64. “Easing the burden on our taxpayers is one of my administration’s top priorities,” said Mayor Bill Finch.

4:01–#Fairfield–Fire department reported to an automatic fire alarm at 1170 North Benson Road, upon arrival they reported a smoke condition inside the home. They found the flue to the chimney was closed when the residents attempted to light a fire in the fire place. The logs seen in the photo were removed, extinguished and the house was vented of smoke.

10:44am–#Shelton–The Citgo Station at 442 River Road was just robbed at knife point. Police are looking for a white male in his early 20s, 6 foot tall last seen fleeing towards Stratford. Police are looking for a gray 4 door gray Nissan Maxima, the license plate comes back to a Raven Terrace residence in Statford. Patrick Re, 21, of 52 Raven Terr. was arrested for the robbery.

1:26am–Bridgeport–Armed robbery just occurred on Ellsworth near Davis St. reportedly by two black males both wearing masks, both had guns, one medium built the other short. They fled on foot down Ellsworth St. The victim is a woman, police have just begun their investigation. UPDATE– Police reporting both men were wearing dark clothes, both wearing black masks. One was 5′ 4″ the other 5′ 8″. Both parties had guns, one a black handgun the other had a small caliber shotgun. Police believe they are connected to a robbery that occurred Hansen Street recently. Last seen on foot on Ellsworth heading towards Fairfield Ave. 2:02am UPDATE–One officer has two men fitting the description behind Stop and Shop on Fairfield Ave. Victim on the way to ID them. 2:08am–Police just received a phone call from another woman robbed on Fairfield Ave. tonight, possibly by the same two. She lives in West Haven and waited until she got home to call because she was afraid. 2:10am–UPDATE– Witness unable to identify they victims because they were wearing masks.

James Tate allowed to go to prom!-Headmaster Beth Smith reversed her decision that the 18-year-old senior — and the two who helped them with posted a message on the school wall — can the June 4 prom. “Shelton police confirm they have had several officiers guarding the headmaster at school and at her home. Sgt. James Millington said Smith had received several calls to her home where the callers mysteriously hung up. He also said police investigated damage done to Smith’s car tires, but could not determine whether it was an act of vandalism.”

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