7:00pm–Bridgeport–Police are looking for 6-8 black males who stabbed a blind man in the back at Bunnell and Stratford Ave. One male wore a red tee shirt, most were wearing black shirts, they were all wearing black hats. They were last seen hanging out at the store at the corner of Stratford and Fifth Street. They were between the ages of 17 to 21 years old.

You can tell I took the mayor off guard with a lighthearted question about tomorrows impending Day of Judgement. Bridgeport is always face with such serious issues it was good to have a little fun with the mayor.

Jobs, Taxes, Iraq, Libya and Chris Shays, Congressman Jim Himes discussed them all!

Milford–Milford Fire is on scene at the Devon bridge. The road is closed at this time due to an electrical problem on the bridge. Special Thanks to Milford Professional Telecommunicators for this photo. UPDATE–4:26pm–Bridge reopens.

2:43pm–#Bridgeport–Walgreens Security at 1000 Park Ave is chasing a black male wearing a black hoddie in the backyards of Park, Vine and Wood Streets. He is wanted for robbery. 2:53 UPDATE—The man being chased by Walgreen’s Security for robbery was captured by and held by a citizen. Police now have him in custody on Iranistan Ave. and waiting for the victim to identify him.

Pipe bomb suspect arrested, Bridgeport apartment searched: wtnh.com

2:52am–#Bridgeport–Report of an explosion that injured a State Trooper at Vincellette St and Riverview St. reported by a Bridgeport Police Officer. Not sure why the officers are there in the first place. 2:57am–UPDATE– Bridgeport Fire Department trying to determine if State PD Bomb Squad on scene. Update– FD determines it is State PD Bomb Squad. Request for fans to be brought to unit 67. 3:12am–UPDATE–Fire department allowed to return to quarters. Radio silent on other activities.

Photo courtesy of Bridgeport News

By Stephen Krauchick

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