Two crashes on Congress Street just before 10pm

Shortly before 10pm  a man crashed his pickup truck into a utility pole while riding on Congress Street.  The pole snapped in two.  The first fire truck on scene reported that there were wires down and the pole with the transformer was on fire.  The crash victim called his friend, who upon arrival was blinded by the glare of his buddies pickup truck’s light crash causing the second accident.  One man was transported to the hospital and it appeared that the other man was arrested by police.  Fire department departed the scene around midnight.

By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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