Month: September 2011

Electron Boy-Saved Seattle Passes At Age 14

Receiving his wish in April to be a superhero, Erik passed this week at the age of 14
13-yr-old Erik of Bellevue, who longs to have superhero powers, will be transformed into his very own comic book character on World Wish Day, April 29. In real life he was Erik Martin, a boy with a constellation of severe health problems and a rare form of cancer. But in his imagination he was Electron Boy, a superhero who saved Seattle from the forces of darkness and evil one spring day last year.
Erik died Friday at home. He was 14.

Boaters Rescued in Stratford

2 boaters resuced in Stratford

12:25pm–Stratford–Police Marine unit responding to an overturned 15 foot boat in the Housatonic River near the Route One bridge. Two people were rescued, no inures reported. A nearby boat came and rescued the passenger as the owner of the overturned vessel waited for the police boat to arrive. It is unknown at this time why the boat overturned. Ironically, the rescue boat was in Fairfield earlier when Fairfield unveiled their new boat obtained from Homeland Security funds to be used regionally. Police Chief Gary MacNamara said that “rescues happen year round” and this is case in point. Special thanks to John Kovach from the Stratford Star for contributing the photo.

Happenings NOW 9-30 thru 10-6-2011

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7:28pm–#Bridgeport–A stabbing just occurred at 12 Garden Street.  There are no details, of course if we get them we will pass them along.

10:30pm–#Fairfield–Police and firefighters are searching for a woman suffering with dementia from the Connecticut Health of Southport.  She is a black woman, 5’6″, 240lobs, wearing  blue shirt, beige scarf and a blue and purple flowered dress.  Canine was tracking towards Acorn Lane.  At 11:35pm, one hour later police requested an additional bloodhound from Milford.  The area is heavily wooded.  UPDATE–1:02am–Police begin grid search for woman around the premise of Connecticut Health of Southport.

2:41pm–#Fairfield–Student on school bus hits head while on the bus and has a head injury, EMTs on the way. The location of the bus is 877 South Pine Creek Road. UPDATE–9 year old male slips in seat when the bus made turn and hits his head on the window. This caused a one inch laceration and controlled before EMTs arrival. Father on scene refuses medical treatment.

From the Valley Indy Sentinel–Woman in Shelton was following her GPS — to the point she is now stuck in the mud on a dirt path. She has a toddler with her. Police/ tow truck are on their way to help.

9:30pm–Milford–Fire Units on scene of a HazMat situation on Old Gate Lane. Reported as a leaking drum on a cargo container. DEP & Private cleanup company on site.

#Bridgeport #Fairfield–Burglary suspect wanted by Bridgeport Police plucked out of the water from the creek by BJs on Scofield Avenue. He gave chase on bicycle through Commerce Drive abandoning his bike behind G&J Pontiac then into the water near the Audi Dealer.

#Darien–Police are looking for a red Ferrari wanted for a altercation at the Darien Rest Stop on I-95.

1:13pm–#Bridgeport—A shooting just occurred at Park Ave and Johnson Street. Man was shot in the buttocks. We will of course update IF we get more details.

2:25am–#Fairfield–Police stop a man who tells the officer he is car shopping (2:25am) at Miller Nissan. The dealership has had problems with issues with catalytic converter robberies in the last couple of weeks. Catalytic convertors in Nissan apparently contain platinum.

1:35am–Fairfield–Police catch 3 in the act of trying to burglarize the Brooklawn Country Club- making entry in the rear door. UPDATE–1:55pm–Three apprehended were juveniles and were turned over to their parents.

12:53pm–Danbury–Plane crash at Danbury Airport near 39 Briar Ridge Road Ridgefield. The plane’s only occupant is conscious and alert transported to the hospital by EMS. Firefighters used foam on the fuel that leaked from the plane.

Whoops!–Danbury–Motor home on its side near exit 4, direction not given, rubbernecking in both directions though!

Milford–Firefighters battle a blaze at 62 Ceder Hill Rd. Milford,CT shortly before 7am this morning. Heavy damage inside, family escapes unharmed. No reported injuries battling the fire.

1:21am–Bridgeport–Fire department on scene, fire showing on 1st floor window at Shelton and Nobel Avenue. Appears to be only the window frame, holding up on recall. UPDATE–1:26am-Bridgeport–Fire department asking for arson squad to fire at 677 Nobel Avenue, they just extinguished a window frame on the 1st floor.

1:02am–Bridgeport–2nd ambulance sent to the assault at Park Ave. and Benham Ave. in the Hollow.

12:35am–Stratford -Fire Department on the scene at 205 Garfield Avenue with smoke in the building. Additional units sent to the scene. UPDATE–1:14am–Stratford -Fire Department on the scene at 205 Garfield Avenue for a fire that has been extinguished and the building is now being ventilated.

9:02pm–Bridgeport–Fire department on scene at 556 Hollister Ave. Upstairs apartment has a flooding issue, water into downstairs neighbors apartment into light fixtures and outlets, sparks but no fire.

Bridgeport Homicide Update

Police say it was a woman around 46 years of age at 56 Madison Ave on the 1st floor

From the most recent press release from Bridgeport Police:
On September 27, 2011 at approximately 4:30pm Police were notified by a
citizen that the front door at the location was open and that there was blood
throughout the bedroom. Upon arrival of police they discovered the body of a
black female lying on her stomach on the floor between the bed and the front
wall of the house. Medics were notified and checked the victim and determined
that there were no signs of life. Police have interviewed numerous residents and
neighbors and are seeking a party of interest for questioning. At the time of this
typing the victim has not been positively identified through fingerprints and police
are not releasing her identity.

Investigation is continuing.

Himes, Finch Announce Grant For 20 More Cops On The Street

Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4), Mayor Bill Finch, and Police Chief Joseph Gaudett, Jr., announced today that the City of Bridgeport will receive grant of $5,604,080 to hire 20 new police officers this year. Himes and the city worked with the Department of Justice to secure the grant, which was awarded from funding through the department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS).
“This grant means 20 new cops on the street, 20 new jobs, and a safer Bridgeport,” Himes said. “As tough economic times squeeze local police budgets and make it more difficult to keep crime rates low, this grant will help the Bridgeport Police Department protect our neighborhoods, families, and businesses.”

The 20 additional officers will focus their efforts on preventing teen crime and reducing gang and drug-related activity. The officers will serve as part of a Strategic Enforcement Team, which will work with the community to prevent teen gang activity, prevent gang-related drug activity, and help ease congestion around schools during peak hours. In addition, the Bridgeport Police Department will also implement community policing training programs for all new officers, which will instruct personnel on the best strategies for preventing youth from becoming involved in gang and drug activity.
“The addition of 20 new officers to the Bridgeport Police Department, thanks to this federal program, will enhance the department’s community policing and overall crime prevention efforts,” said Gaudett.

COPS grants provide funding to state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to hire, preserve, and rehire career law enforcement officers in an effort to create and preserve jobs and increase their community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts. The grants cover the full salary and benefits packages for these highly-trained public sector positions.

“We are very thankful to Congressman Himes’ efforts in securing these funds, which will help improve public safety in our city,” said Finch. “We look forward to bringing in 20 new officers to protect and serve the residents of Bridgeport.”

Happenings NOW 9-27 thru 9-28 2011

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High tides and wind causing flooding issues throughout the area. Part of a pier washed away on Birdseye

Flooding in Stratford's Greenway will cause debris down the river. Special thanks to Donna Rae Henault Caporaso for the photos.

Road in Stratrford, elderly couple stuck in flood waters off Surf Ave. and flooding on Fairfield Beach Road in Fairfield.

11:19pm–#Fairfield–Drug bust at Fairfield University Champion Hall. 2 in custody.

10:44pm–#Bridgeport–Report of a double stabbing at 953 Capitol Avenue. UPDATE11:01pm–Both have superficial wounds, one in police custody.

Mayor Bill Finch has won the Democratic mayoral primary. According to unofficial numbers, Finch won with 1,310 votes to challenger Mary-Jane Foster’s 976.

7:40pm–Monroe–Route 25 and Rout 59 near Newtown townline car accident with injuries, one perosn with lacerations.

3:26–#Bridgeport–Report of a child struck and pinned between two cars on Huntington Road and Beecher Street. UPDATE–Child reported pinned between cars was erroneously reported to 911, the child was merely scared by the car, no injury!

Homicide on Madison Avenue Bridgeport

In a story we reported first, here is video from the scene. This story will certainly change as we get more information. Connecticut Post is reporting this to be a homicide. Here is what we initially reported:

4:56pm– Police investigating a suspicious death at 56 Madison Avenue. They were at 58 Madison earlier today but found nothing. Fire department initially reported a large crowd gathering. I can confirm on the death but the nature or any details.

Michael Jackson Death Photo Used to Trial

A photo of Michael Jackson lying dead in a hospital bed was shown in a courtroom today and jurors heard a shocking audio tape of a drugged Jackson slurring his words so badly that he was barely understandable.

The photo and the audio were part of the opening statement prosecutors made at the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the king of pop.   Read full report …..

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