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7:28pm–#Bridgeport–A stabbing just occurred at 12 Garden Street.  There are no details, of course if we get them we will pass them along.

10:30pm–#Fairfield–Police and firefighters are searching for a woman suffering with dementia from the Connecticut Health of Southport.  She is a black woman, 5’6″, 240lobs, wearing  blue shirt, beige scarf and a blue and purple flowered dress.  Canine was tracking towards Acorn Lane.  At 11:35pm, one hour later police requested an additional bloodhound from Milford.  The area is heavily wooded.  UPDATE–1:02am–Police begin grid search for woman around the premise of Connecticut Health of Southport.

2:41pm–#Fairfield–Student on school bus hits head while on the bus and has a head injury, EMTs on the way. The location of the bus is 877 South Pine Creek Road. UPDATE–9 year old male slips in seat when the bus made turn and hits his head on the window. This caused a one inch laceration and controlled before EMTs arrival. Father on scene refuses medical treatment.

From the Valley Indy Sentinel–Woman in Shelton was following her GPS — to the point she is now stuck in the mud on a dirt path. She has a toddler with her. Police/ tow truck are on their way to help.

9:30pm–Milford–Fire Units on scene of a HazMat situation on Old Gate Lane. Reported as a leaking drum on a cargo container. DEP & Private cleanup company on site.

#Bridgeport #Fairfield–Burglary suspect wanted by Bridgeport Police plucked out of the water from the creek by BJs on Scofield Avenue. He gave chase on bicycle through Commerce Drive abandoning his bike behind G&J Pontiac then into the water near the Audi Dealer.

#Darien–Police are looking for a red Ferrari wanted for a altercation at the Darien Rest Stop on I-95.

1:13pm–#Bridgeport—A shooting just occurred at Park Ave and Johnson Street. Man was shot in the buttocks. We will of course update IF we get more details.

2:25am–#Fairfield–Police stop a man who tells the officer he is car shopping (2:25am) at Miller Nissan. The dealership has had problems with issues with catalytic converter robberies in the last couple of weeks. Catalytic convertors in Nissan apparently contain platinum.

1:35am–Fairfield–Police catch 3 in the act of trying to burglarize the Brooklawn Country Club- making entry in the rear door. UPDATE–1:55pm–Three apprehended were juveniles and were turned over to their parents.

12:53pm–Danbury–Plane crash at Danbury Airport near 39 Briar Ridge Road Ridgefield. The plane’s only occupant is conscious and alert transported to the hospital by EMS. Firefighters used foam on the fuel that leaked from the plane.

Whoops!–Danbury–Motor home on its side near exit 4, direction not given, rubbernecking in both directions though!

Milford–Firefighters battle a blaze at 62 Ceder Hill Rd. Milford,CT shortly before 7am this morning. Heavy damage inside, family escapes unharmed. No reported injuries battling the fire.

1:21am–Bridgeport–Fire department on scene, fire showing on 1st floor window at Shelton and Nobel Avenue. Appears to be only the window frame, holding up on recall. UPDATE–1:26am-Bridgeport–Fire department asking for arson squad to fire at 677 Nobel Avenue, they just extinguished a window frame on the 1st floor.

1:02am–Bridgeport–2nd ambulance sent to the assault at Park Ave. and Benham Ave. in the Hollow.

12:35am–Stratford -Fire Department on the scene at 205 Garfield Avenue with smoke in the building. Additional units sent to the scene. UPDATE–1:14am–Stratford -Fire Department on the scene at 205 Garfield Avenue for a fire that has been extinguished and the building is now being ventilated.

9:02pm–Bridgeport–Fire department on scene at 556 Hollister Ave. Upstairs apartment has a flooding issue, water into downstairs neighbors apartment into light fixtures and outlets, sparks but no fire.

By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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