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Reports of power outage in Lower Easton between South Park Ave & Sport Hill.

Tree down or do you need snowplowing? Call George the Treeman 203 256-1021

Seymour fire officials super busy with down trees and power lines.  Old Ansonia Road, Maple Street and Colony Street seem to be the busiest.

CL&P has 23 towns 100% without power and 32 towns with 90% or greater.

Ridgefield–State Rep Joh Frey @johnfrey tweeting 100%  of Ridgefield without power. We have been emergency officials are extremely busy with down lines, trees and stranded motorists, but I didn’t realize the whole town is dark!

1:00am–#Fairfield–Assault at the Seagrape, woman in Superwoman costume assaulted by boyfriend.

12:12am–Ridgefield–Two cars crushed by a tree in the driveway at 221 Ramapoo Road.

11:15pm–Milford Firefighters battling a blaze on Robert Treat Parkway. Bulk of the fire in the attic has been extinguished, all hands still working.  12:04am–Update: Fire is out firefighters checking for extensions, requesting Fire Marshall to the scene.

6:20pm–Fairfield– North Street resident choking on item stuck in their throat, receives Heimlich from family member and item dislodged. Fire/EMTs on the way as the person is still coughing.

 UI Power Outages: Bridgeport—905 Fairfield—1031 Easton—840 Big jump in Trumbull—3,583 Stratford—100 Milford—9 Ansonia—628 Shelton—2,900

CL&P Power Outages–Westport—2,454(19%) Wilton— 4,279 (58%) Norwalk— 6,128 (20%) Monroe— 7,327 (92%) Seymour— 3499 (46%) Weston— 2334 (61%)

Fairfield–Fire department on scene at Merry Meet Circle with high carbon monoxide levels in the basement.

4:30–Bridgeport–Report of a car fire at Brooklawn and Capital Ave. parked a gas station near the pumps.

Fairfield–236 Whiting Pond Road Transformer on fire

3:53pm–#cttraffic Route 8 southbound near exit 8 report of a state trooper struck.

3:52pm–Fairfield–Police reporting Gilbert Avenue is having an over voltage problem in the area.

UI Power Outages: Bridgeport-589 Fairfield–407 Stratford–79 Trumbull–26 and Shelton at 2,018

3:08pm–Fairfield–Old Hickory Road report of a nine month old swallowed a safety pin and is now vomiting blood.

Fairfield–Wire sparking in trees at Round Hill at Woodsend, also tree on fire 236 Whiting Pond Road (off Congress Street)

Shelton–Wires down behind Shelton Police Department, generator back up must have restored communications which was lost for a brief time.

Fire and police dispatch having trouble getting through United Illuminating, they are getting busy signals.

2:40pm–Fairfield–Tree fell on car at Jennings School parking lot.

Danbury closing road at 4pm according to Tweet from @MayorMark:” At 4 pm we are ordering everybody off the roads, we have limbs down and dangerous driving conditions.”

2:19pm–Bridgeport—Transformer blown at Madison and Old Town Road.

2:13pm–Fairfield—Wires on fire behind 451 Mistywood Lane

2:10pm–Bridgeport– One person being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at 1348 Sylvan Avenue.

1:49–Fairfield–Wires on fire on Midlock Drive.

1:42pm–Norwalk–2 Argentine Way, primary electrical wires down and on fire.

1:28–Fairfield–Fire in utility lines and tree at 185 Stoneleigh Road and Stoneleigh Square.

1:26–Ansonia–Report of cars back up not making Hill Street, plows called out.

1:22PM–Weston–Heritage Lane/Kettle Creek Road report of high tension lines on fire, additional calls coming in of explosions and no power.

1:19pm–Fairfield–Report of wires on fire at 457 Black Rock Turnpike.

1:18–Norwalk–Transformer on fire at 457 Hemlock Drive.

By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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