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AT&T is laying off 100 workers in Connecticut. This will eliminate 1/3rd the CT operators and close the Old Saybrook and Waterbury facilities.

9:20am–#Fairfield–Mother comes home to her Castle Ave. home and finds the nanny stealing her jewelry. The nanny takes off running. After a brief search of the area police arrest her behind the alternative high school on Brio St.

1:37am–#West Haven–Report of two women locked inside a silver Nissan on Jameson Street

11:10pm–#Fairfield–Talk about self serve. White male enters 7-11 walks behind the counter and takes 3 cartons of cigarettes. That’s not a petty theft anymore!

11:30pm–#Bridgeport–Car fire Seaview Avenue and Huron St. Red pickup truck seen speeding away after car caught fire. Car is fully involved in flames.

10:43pm–#New Canaan–Silver Hills Hospital, possible self inflicted poisoning. 42 year old woman has been drinking rubbing alcohol since 1pm today among other things.

#Milford–The escaped cow on the lam in Milford since august has been captured and is going to be given to a private farm in Oxford

3:22pm–#Fairfield–A teen wearing camouflage waving a gun headed into the marsh area by the open space on Hulls Highway near the Post Road. Police along with Ruger- Fairfield’s canine quickly apprehend him.

2:34pm–#Bridgeport–Armed robbery just occurred at Mr. Wireless 1751 Barnum Avenue a gun was displayed.

By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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