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11:14pm–Bridgeport–Bed on fire at 400 block of Wells Street. 11:21 UPDATE–No fire, mentally disturbed person.

9:42pm–Stratford–Walmart has a family of shoplifters in custody.  Police on the way.

8:28pm–Bridgeport—Blind man jumped by a group of teens in front of 1157 East Main Street.  EMTs had to call police to clear the group so they could treat the man.

8:10pm–Bridgeport–Firefighters were called to Staples on Main Street for smoke in the back of the structure.  Firefighters saw smoke from the back of the structure.  They checked the top of the businesses, then check the wooded area but were unable to locate the source.


10:12pm–Bridgeport–An unknown heavy set woman broke down the door of a 94 year old man’s apartment in the 500 block of William Street.

10:10pm–Bridgeport–A strong armed robbery just occurred in the 500 block of East Washington Avenue. Two attackers fled on foot down William Street. No money or items were taken, just the victim’s identification.

8:15pm–Bridgeport–12 year old girl just had her foot run over by a passing car on Park Street.

1:27am–840 State Street, report of an odor of natural gas. Here come a bunch of fire trucks!

1:01pm–3 shot one confirmed dead on Trumbull Avenue.


9:29pm–Bridgeport–Car fire in the parking garage underneath the building of Embassy Towers 2625 Park Avenue. Building is being evacuated, fire department being waved in to the back of the building. UPDATE Car fire now out, smoke condition in the building. Fire department to air the building out now.

7:35pm–Bridgeport–Shots fired Charles and Main Street. Nobody shot, a couple of vehicles may have been hit. Police know who they are looking for.

7:12pm–Bridgeport–Check cashing/phone store at 1093 East Main Street robbed at gunpoint. Taken was over $9,000 in cash. Police are investigating.

5:57pm–Bridgeport–Woman left CVS on Huntington Street with a large amount of batteries without paying. Do you think she will be charged?

12:33am–Bridgeport–Tractor trailer smoking on Seaview Avenue near 5th Street.  Fire department on scene.


4:02pm–#Bridgeport–Report of smoke on the 2nd floor at 84 Barnum Avenue.    Fire department on scene reporting light smoke showing from the outside, going to work.  UPDATE–Turns out to be food burning on the stove, no extensions.

12:10pm–#Bridgeport–An armed robbery just occurred at the barber shop, at 624 East Main Street near the Citgo station not at the gas station as first reported. Police on scene, details as we get them.

11:19am–Bridgeport–Police break up a fight between a couple of women on Main and John Street.

1:17am–Bridgeport–An assualt just took place on Cottage Street.  Police have a description of the car they fled in and diligently working on finding it.

12:30am– Bridgeport–Police and EMTs on the scene for a  Hewitt Street man who has lacerations to the groin inflicted by his girlfriend.

12:01am–Bridgeport–A strong armed robbery and assault just took place on Oak Street not a lot of details on this one mostly due to a language barrier.


Bridgeport– DoingItLocal.com follower  Xavier Pena DahBoss reporting a Bridgeport man was stabbed in the back multiple times during a fight on Shelton Street  and is being treated at hospital for non-life threatening injuries

5:55pm–Fairfield–Firefighters were just called in to the Audubon  Society on Burr Street to aid the police in searching for a missing child on the property.  No details on the child have been given at this time.  6:38–UPDATE–Child has been located!

5:16pm–Bridgeport–An armed robbery just occurred at 855 Madison Avenue, in  the parking lot at Subway.  The person was robbed of his i-Pod  by 3 black males who fled on foot  towards Capitol Ave.  A gray revolver was displayed.

4:10pm–Fairfield–Minor accident between a van and school bus on Kings Highway East and Halley Avenue. One student was on board, no apparent injuries.

3:38pm–Fairfield–Shoplifting just occurred at the CVS on Black Rock Turnpike.  Police are investigating.


3:23am–Bridgeport–A serious assault just took place at 346 Hanover Street.  A 911 call came in from a child that they were choking his mom.  Police were quick on the scene to find a woman with serious cuts to her head.  Police request EMTs to step it up.    A second ambulance was requested to the scene.  A request from police was called to the residence for shackles and a belt, apparently to contain the attacker.

10:40pm–Bridgeport–Caller on a untraceable 911 cell phone called police twice, first saying there was shots fired outside 347 Main Street.  Later he calls back and says there is a person shot outside the pizza restaurant there and that he will wait outside the restaurantt to talk to police.  Police return and find  no shooting victim nor the caller.  Chief Gaudette in the past has told me this is a common tactic to divert police away from another crime being committed elsewhere in town.   No other calls came in at this time.  It is uncertain if this is related to the false 911 call about the McDonald’s being robbed at gunpoint.

9:10pm–Bridgeport/Fairfield–All fast food restaurants checked by police after Bridgeport Police receive a call of the “McDonald’s by PT” is being robbed by a gunman wearing red sneakers turns up to be false.   Police swarmed the Fairfield/Railroad Ave. McDonalds to find the call to be false after checking with the manager.  Police checked all fast food restaurants in Fairfield and Bridgeport as a precaution.

1:10pm–Bridgeport–Man had his gray Honda stolen last month in Shelton.  He spots it today on Nobel Ave. and East Washington Avenue.  He approaches the vehicle and has a gun pulled on him by the three in the car.   Police are looking for the car and investigating.  3:12pm–UPDATE–4 in custody!  Officer spots the car on Stillman and Brooks Street, waited for backup.  After a brief foot pursuit police capture all four suspects, 3 known to be women.

12:50am–Fairfield/Southport–Home broken in to in the 200 block of Center Street while homeowner was home.  Westport canine sent in for tracking.

12:28pm–Bridgeport–If you are parked outside at Scruples on North Ave. you may want to check your car, driver hits two parked cars.


11:50pm–Fairfield–Firefighter busy with burning bags in the streets.  Earlier on High Street, now on College Park Drive.  Police requested.  Fire department request to preserve any evidence.

10:11pm–Bridgeport–Report of a car fire on Bennett Street, possibly Fox Street.  Call originally came in as Fox Street in Fairfield.

5:14pm–Shelton-A robbery and assault occurred at the Walgreens on 700 Bridgeport Avenue.  Police are looking for   CT Plates- 38X ZDO a 2009 gray Toyota Corolla .

5:05pm–Fairfield–EMTs firefighters called to Fairfield Univesity to the lacrosse field, on the roof where they record the games for someone with a possible cardiac issue.   Challenging extrication to get the man to the ambulance, calling for extra personnel to help.

4:48pm–Bridgeport–Report of an odor of smoke in on the 2nd floor of Beardsley Terrace building ten.  Fire department on the way.  Turns out to be food on the stove burning.

3:23pm–Fairfield–In this week’s chapter of Reading Is Fundamental……   Shortly after 3:10pm a box truck got stuck attempting to go under the  underpass at North Benson Road near the intersection of the Post Road.  The truck cleared the first new underpass but fell short on the second bridge where he became lodged under the trestle.   A heavy duty wrecker was called to the scene.


3:20pm–#Bridgeport–Report of smoke on the first floor North Hall, University of Bridgeport, 79 University Avenue.  Firefighters arrived on the scene.  Turns out to be burning food on the stove.

2:48pm–Fairfield–A man driving around approaching residents  in the Quincy Street area asking if they need any repair work done on their car.  The man is bald heavy set man driving a tan Mercedes.  This is similar to a call of a man in Mercedes offering car repair work in the Stop and Shop parking lot on Tunxis Hill.  This man was seen heading towards Penfield Road.


By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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