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**Live Breakng News Feed**


9:03pm–#Bridgeport–Subway at 1739 E Main St robbed of $300 and all the cookies.  Tall male in a gray jacket and skully capt.  He also had a cloth band-aid on his face robbed the store and fled  towards Bradley Street, he may have gotten into a waiting car.

1:50pm–Fairfield–Constriction crews at Ludlowe Heath Care on 118 Jefferson St. reporting two ladders stolen from the construction site.

3:10am–Bridgeport–Break-in at the 1200 block of Park Avenue.  Suspect caught by police, EMTs sent for the resident for a panic attack.

2:27am–Officer injured falling down a flight of stairs at a call on  Pleasant Street dislocating his shoulder.

2:04am–Patrol officer radios in he hear 4 or 5 shots fired towards Boston Ave/East Main St. area.  A Goddard Street resident calls police regarding the same shots fired.


10:33pm–Bridgeport–Carbon Monoxide alarm going off with symptoms at 887 Pearl Harbor Street.   Fire department on the way.  Fire department has low CO readings.  Homeowner is going to the hospital to be checked out.

10:11pm–Bridgeport–Structure fire, green house at  State Street and Norman Street in the basement.  10:42–Fire recalled.  Address was 1004  State Street.

8:15am–#Bridgeport–Wow, State Police reporting that Bridgeport Police were behind a black minivan on Reservoir avenue. van is now on Route 8 – The vehicle is wanted for firing shots at a school bus around 8:15 this morning. One is in custody. Original incident took place in the area of 900 block of Old Town Road.  UPDATE–Students on the school bus headed to Frenchtown School in Trumbull and they called it in. The school was in lockdown for 90 minutes as a result. Jeffrey Thomas is charged with firing the shots during raid.

12:27am–Bridgeport–Man reporting to police that he was held at gunpoint and his car was taken at Union Ave. and Stratford Ave. near the package store.   Two males (no description givne) took his purple Chevy Lumina.

12:10am–Bridgeport–Police called to Denver Court for a call of a large group fighting in the streets.  When police arrived one person fled on foot down Colorado Ave. and was apprehended on the 500 block.  Back on Denver Court one person was arrested for possession of an illegal firearm.  UPDATE–1:55am–Police return to break up the group once more.


8:50pm–#Bridgeport–Police break up a fight at 941 Madison Avenue, outside Daybreak Doughnuts. A group of kids were beating another kid with a pipe. Police apprehend main assailant.

10:31am–#Fairfield–A break in occurred on Brookview Avenue with a Trek bicycle taken.

3:25am–#Bridgeport–Ouch!  Man assaulted with a hammer by a woman on Louisiana Avenue.   UPDATE–The woman is his girlfriend and he is following her towards East Main Street.  UPDATE–Police and EMTs on scene.

2:25am–#Fairfield–Attempted break in to a  home in the 700 block of Church Hill Road.  Police with canine canvassing the neighborhood.



11:26pm–#Bridgeport–Bridgeport Hospital has a patient in the emergency room who was grazed by a bullet.  The shooting took place on Union Ave.

10:56pm–#Bridgeport–Armed robbery at George Hilltop Convenience, 175 Pequonnock Street.  Robbery took place by two Hispanic males, in in a colorful hat fled on foot.  One shot was fired inside the store.

10:32pm—#Bridgeport–Report of an argument in front of 179 Sheridan Street with shots fired.  No one was hit.  The shooter fled in a white two door Infinity.

9:47pm–Fairfield–Report of a motorcyclist down at South Pincreek Road and Post Road.  Cyclist has a minor injury to his knee.

9:42pm–Bridgeport–Report of a strong armed robbery taking place on Atlantic Street and Iranistan Ave.


10:19pm–#Bridgeport–A armed robbery just occurred at Alex and Davenport Streets.  2 Hispanic and 1 Black males robbed the victim of his money and broke his cellphone.

7:01pm–#Bridgeport–A home invasion just took place in 1200 block of Lindley Street. Two black males wearing ski masks entered through the front window. Police are on scene investigating.

6:49pm–#Bridgeport–City Hall–A child has pulled the fire alarm, there is no fire at City Hall on Lyon Terrace.


By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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