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**Live Breakng News Feed**



4:31pm–Police investigating an accident where and elderly man’s car came to a rest in the 300 block of Dogwood Drive.  The car was smoking as the man was unresponsive and had his foot on the accelerator.    The man is bleeding from the chest.  Police breaks the car window to get to the man. This is breaking news so info can change. Fire department, police on scene, EMTs on the way.

1:48pm–2 calls for the fire department, a rubbish fire on Anchorage Drive (off Grovers) and an activated fire alarm 900 block of Main Street.  Main Street turned out to be a light smoke condition that was ventilated by the fire department.


8:40pm–Bridgeport–Car fire at Greene Homes building 4 on Highland Ave.

8:31pm–Bridgeport–Report of a microwave on fire at 86 Tremont Street. Quick recall on this call.

2:54pm–Ansonia–Report of a stove fire on Myrtle Ave.

2:28pm–Stratford–Report of a bedroom fire, now out at 50 Marina Drive.  Fire department on the way to check for extensions and/or overhaul of the fire.

12:57pm–Report of an odor of propane  in back of 230 Poplar Street from a grill.  Fire department on the way.

12:49pm–Bridgeport–High demand for free food causing traffic jam by the old bus station by the Salvation Arm..  Middle and John Street particularly hard hit.  2 traffic police not enough for traffic demand.

12:12pm–#Bridgeport–Suspicious liquid container being investigated by the fire department at 30 Stephens Street, at the mailboxes.



11:07pm–Bridgeport–3 shots fired at Boston Ave. and Remington St.  Gunshot victim in Bridgeport Hospital, extent of injuries not know at this moment.  UPDATE–Victim was pistol whipped not shot, however 3 shots were fired at the scene.  UPDATE–Police with canine on scene.  They know who the assailant is and where he lives.

10:42pm–#Bridgeport–Fire department on scene at 123 Gurdon Street car fire in the rear of the structure fully involved.  10:47pm–Car fire knocked down, fire department now checking to make sure it didn’t extend into the garage or house.  UPDATE–Fire marshal requested to scene.   Radio transmissions from officials indicate possible arson.

Bridgeport at sunset as seen from Long Beach in Stratford

7:50pm–#Stratford– A water rescue has just happened on Long Beach. A man has been brought to shore, he is conscious, and is being evaluated at this time. UPDATE–8:50pm–A person on shore THOUGHT a windsurfer was in trouble but he wasn’t . Fire, police department, EMS and DoingItLocal.com show up but happily there was no emergency.


8:41pm–Bridgeport–Report of a car accident with entrapment at Stratford Ave. and Central Ave. Update–Fire department on scene reporting extrication is not needed.

6:32pm–Bridgeport–A strong armed robbery occurred at Madison Ave. and Frank Street by a group aged 15-17 year old. Taken from the victim was just a “couple of dollars”.

3:26pm–Bridgeport–Report of a gasoline line broken at 4402 Main Street, the Shell Station across from Merritt Canteen. 3:29pm–Fire department on scene, pumps have been turned off, there is a gasoline spill of about ten gallons. Spill contained, no contamination to anything including storm drains.

12:47am–#Bridgeport–Police breaking up a street fight at the 600 block of Trumbull Ave.


11:58pm–Bridgeport–Police returning to Polk Street for third time for unruly kids. A Sweet Sixteen Party is taking place at one of the homes.

11:41pm–Bridgeport–Car accident at East Main and Boston Ave., car catches fire. Fire department on the way.

11:20pm–Bridgeport–Firefighters on scene on Cleveland Ave. near Madison Ave. with a fire on the first floor of a two family house. Firefighters quickly extinguish the blaze.

8:52pm–Fairfield–Police catch a man trying to abandon a dog at Lake Mohegan. UPDATE–Just before 11pm a patrol officer was dispatched to assist the two animal control officers. The dog is still on the run and may now be on Tahmore Drive or Moorehouse Road area. It is a beautiful FAST black dog, looks like beautiful soft fur, about 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall. I wanted to get video but it was so dark and the officers preferred I stayed in my car just in case it bites. I’ll post any updates IF I get them. Heavy rain is minutes away.

7:28pm–#Bridgeport–A meat truck from New Haven Provisions was stolen off State Street and just recovered police on Railroad Ave..

6:48pm–Stratford–Stratford Firefighters quickly extinguish a fire at 126 Reitter Street.

2:36pm–Norwalk–Report of Jefferson School at 75 Van Burne Ave. on lockdown due to police on scene outside the school. Report of a shooting near the school. The shooting took place on Grandview Ave.

1:37am–Fairfield–900 block of the Old Post Road calls to complain about leaf blower use at Bob’s Stores on the Post Road.

By Stephen Krauchick

DoingItLocal is run by Steve Krauchick. Steve has always had interest with breaking news even as an early teen, opting to listen to the Watergate hearings instead of top 40 on the radio. His interest in news spread to become the communities breaking news leader in Connecticut’s Fairfield County. He strongly believes that the public has right to know what is happening in their backyard and that government needs to be transparent. Steve also likes promoting local businesses.

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