7:26pm–Police are at Sunnyridge Avenue condo/apartment complex where a suicidal man hit his girlfriend the head with a gun and threatened to harm her.  He then barricaded himself in the apartment.  He has registered to him two Glocks, and AR-15 and he also has 12 gauge pump shot gun.  Taking no chances police called in the SWAT team and armored personnel carriers from Bridgeport to the scene.  They also have evacuated residents in the complex and surrounding area.   Police negotiators have been trying to contact the man by phone but he keeps hanging up on them.  Ruger, Fairfield’s K-9 is about to be deployed.

UPDATE–Shot fired in the wooded area by High Street not the condo.  Police saw a flash in the woods NOT in the condos.  Unknown if he is on the run thermal imaging camera being used. Roll call in a moment to ensure everyone is ok.

UPDATE–Suspect took his own life.

Press Release From Fairfield Police:

On Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at 7:24 pm, Fairfield Police were called to the scene of a barricaded subject in the Colonial Gardens Condominium Complex at 245 Sunnyridge Avenue.

Initial reports indicated a verbal domestic dispute ensued between a boyfriend and girlfriend inside the condo. The girlfriend retreated to a neighbor’s condo followed by Garni, she reported being threatened and requested police. The boyfriend, Douglas Garni (dob 7/1/72) who resided at 245 Sunnyridge Avenue Apt 23 retreated back toward his residence after learning police were called.

The first arriving officers interviewed the girlfriend and learned Garni had several weapons registered to him and they were inside the condo. A perimeter was set outside the condo awaiting the arrival of the Emergency Services Units. Bridgeport and Fairfield ESU, along with Fairfield and Norwalk Hostage Negotiators arrived on scene attempting to make contact with Garni.

Several nearby condos had to be evacuated and those residents were assisted by Fairfield Fire personnel. They were relocated to Station 2 for the duration of the incident. AMR and Fire personnel remained on scene and staged in the area of High Street and Raymond Drive in the event they were needed to provide medical assistance. The Fire Department also provided a heat seeking unit to enhance the ESU Teams capabilities.

For several hours negotiators attempted to make contact with Garni, by phone and audible PA systems to no avail. At approximately 11:00 pm, a single gunshot was heard from the wooded area just north of Garni’s condo. ESU members closed the perimeter searching the wooded area which quickly led to the discovery of Garni’s body. Preliminary reports indicate that he sustained a self inflicted gunshot wound.

The area remained an active crime scene until 2 am this morning until the scene could be processed by detectives and the State Medical Examiner’s office personnel concluded their at-scene investigation. If any additional information develops over the course of the day we will make that available to you.

By Stephen Krauchick

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