Month: March 2013

Distraught man found by police

3:2pm--#Fairfield CT--Police, and EMS were called to the southbound rest stop on the Merritt Parkway this afternoon for a distraught possibly suicidal person.  When they arrived at the rest stop  the man had left on foot in the wooded areas on Congress Street, then Sport Hill Road and into the cascade area near the General Electric headquarters.  Fairfield's K-9 Ruger assisted in the search.  The man was located shortly after 5:30pm., A prescription bottle  in his possession was empty.  Not chancing a possible overdose the man was transported a nearby hospital.

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Van into a house

11:02pm--#Bridgeport CT--A van coming down Pearl Harbor Street sneak attacked an unsuspecting fence taking the  corner of it down, crossing Granfield Avenue and crashing into the right hand corner of a house.  The driver was able get out of the van on her own.  The house integrity structure was not compromised.  One of the occupants said it sounded like bomb going off when it happened.  Police are investigating.    

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