City Crews Focusing on Pothole Repairs
Residents Asked to Send in Requests through City’s BConnected Service

 BRIDGEPORT, CT (January 15, 2014) – Winter snow combined with dramatic shifts in temperature can mean only one thing in New England – it’s pothole season. Constant freezing and thawing wreak havoc on roadways, so City Public Works crews are out each day, weather permitting, filling potholes throughout the City. Mayor Finch announced today, the City will deploy four Roadway Maintenance trucks focused on filling potholes on roads in every neighborhood in the city.

“As a result of the snow and the extreme temperature shifts, we are certain to see potholes popping up very quickly. Our crews are out on our streets every day filling and patching potholes to help drivers more easily navigate our roads,” said Mayor Finch. “We are very thankful to the residents for their cooperation during our most recent snowstorm; compliance with the Snow Emergency parking rules is critical to the success of our snow removal efforts. I’m now asking for residents to assist our Roadway Maintenance crews by reporting potholes through our BConnected service by phone, online or through our smartphone application.”

Citizens can report potholes by calling the BConnected Call Center at 203-576-1311, or using the BConnected App available for free on the iPhone and Android smartphones. Potholes reported through BConnected are sent directly to the Roadway Maintenance crews.

The four trucks focused on filling potholes will be positioned to cover the entire City. One crew will handle pothole filling in the North End, another crew will be positioned to fill the potholes in the Reservoir neighborhood, another crew will be working on the East Side and East End and the fourth crew will be filling potholes in Downtown, West Side/West End and Black Rock.

Pothole repairs performed during winter months using “cold patch” are temporary.  During warmer temperatures, hot asphalt is used for more permanent repairs.  All pothole filling operations are weather permitting.

By Stephen Krauchick

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