(Bridgeport, CT – Feb. 25, 2014) – Police arrested a city man and seized two weapons, heroin and potentially deadly synthetic narcotic last week after the police narcotics team developed information about a heroin dealer.

Officer Miguel Perez and Sgt. John Evans learned that the resident of 60 Lee Ave. was dealing heroin in bags stamped with the word “Flow.”

Narcotics investigators last week set up surveillance at 60 Lee Ave., where the suspect lives. They located the suspect, David Fernandez, 37, outside and seized 3 bundles  of heroin packaged for street sale. He was placed under arrest.

Police then went to the address and received consent from Fernandez’s wife to search the house. Inside, investigators recovered an addition 277 glassine bags that contained heroin; three fentanyl transdermal patches and three suboxone patches, a loaded .22 caliber revolver, a loaded 12-gauge shotgun with additional shells, a hatchet and a dagger.




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