(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy today highlighted testimony submitted to the state legislature by both business groups and labor groups in support of an agreement

that the Governor reached last month with United Technologies Corporation that will ensure the aerospace company continues its strong presence in Connecticut and will have an impact on thousands of good-paying jobs in the state:



Testimony of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA)

, Bonnie Stewart, Vice President:


“CBIA strongly supports and urges the adoption of HB 5465 An Act Concerning the Connecticut Aerospace Reinvestment Act.  This measure, in large part, allows the redeployment of previously earned tax credits into capital investments, thereby enabling United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to invest up to $500 million in the state in the next five years to upgrade and expand its facilities, and invest up to $4 billion in research and development.


“If HB 5465 is adopted, Connecticut will remain the center of UTC’s aerospace R&D activities and the home of Pratt & Whitney and Sikorsky headquarters for many years to come.


“This measure not only affects at least 75,000 UTC jobs in the state, but will reverberate throughout Connecticut’s aerospace industry – including the nearly 2,500 small businesses that serve as direct suppliers to UTC.  We anticipate that hundreds, if not thousands, of other Connecticut businesses and jobs will be positively impacted as well as the economic multiplier effect expands.”



Testimony of the Connecticut State Building and Construction Trades Council

, David A. Roche, President:


“This bill, if passed, will not only ensure that Pratt & Whitney keep the highly skilled workers who build our military’s aircraft engines in Connecticut, but will also give them an opportunity to employ new generations of workers that will follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents – who themselves have benefitted from long, successful careers as part of the United Technologies family.


“This legislation creates endless opportunities, including for small businesses throughout Connecticut that have been producing products for UTC.  These companies will continue to grow and hire new generations of skilled workers.”



Testimony of the MetroHartford Alliance

, Oz Griebel, President & CEO:


“I write to express the Alliance’s strong support of HB 5465: An Act Concerning the Connecticut Aerospace Reinvestment Act.  The passage of the HB 5465 is critical to the implementation of a significant set of economic actions proposed to be taken by United Technologies Corporation (“UTC”), the state’s largest private sector employer and an international leader in the aerospace industry.


“…under UTC’s agreement with the state related to the proposal, UTC is incented to maintain and increase its current Connecticut employment levels, thereby ensuring stability for those working at UTC today and for those who will join its workforce over the next several years.  These current and future UTC jobs provide compensation and benefits well above those of the average Connecticut position and, as significantly, strengthen the prospects for UTC’s 2,500 Connecticut suppliers and their employees.  In addition, the proposed investments and commitments will enhance UTC’s ability to continue to attract some of the world’s best scientific talent, individuals who are critical to sustaining UTC’s leadership in aerospace innovation.”



Testimony of the Connecticut AFL-CIO

, Lori J. Pelletier, Executive Secretary-Treasurer:


“The investment dollars spent by UTC to upgrade manufacturing as well as assembly and test facilities in East Hartford, Middletown and Windsor Locks will allow for state of the art process and provide those workers to pass their knowledge and skill onto the next generation of machinists.


“The Connecticut AFL-CIO stands ready to support this legislation, because we believe it will force UTC to put down some solid long-term roots in our community, which was lacking in previous agreements, and in return our communities will continue to provide UTC with world-class employees it has come accustomed to employ.”



Testimony of the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

, Larry McHugh, President:


“The Middlesex Chamber has over 2,350 members that employ over 50,000 people.  Our Executive Committee voted unanimously to support the agreement between United Technologies and the State of Connecticut at its March 3rd meeting.


“This agreement is great news for Middlesex County and for the State of Connecticut.  It ensures that UTC will remain anchored in our state, and that Connecticut will continue to be a world leader in the aerospace field.  Pratt & Whitney’s Middletown Engine Center is a major employer in the city of Middletown and in Middlesex County.  This deal provides stability and is a major boost for our state’s economy.”



Testimony of the Greater Hartford-New Britain Building & Construction Trades Council

, Peter E. Reilly, President:


“On behalf of the thousands of men and women of the Greater Hartford-New Britain Building Trades Council and its 14 affiliated unions, we stand in support of the tax relief legislation proposed in regards to the UTC expansion.  With 500 million dollars going into expansion and construction in the next 5 years, it will have a very positive impact on an industry that has suffered over 20% unemployment for the past 5 years.


“These projects would put hundreds of our members to work and provide economic stimulus to Connecticut through expendable income and tax dollars.


“This is just the type of stimulus that Connecticut needs.  Construction, manufacturing, research – it has all the components of success.  With UTC expected to invest up to 4 billion dollars in research and capital expenditures in the state and an impact on more than 75,000 jobs, we must support this proposal.”



Testimony of Whitcraft, LLC

, Colin Cooper, CEO:


“This is not only a terrific agreement for UTC and the state, but also for many of the businesses here in Connecticut who are partners and suppliers of Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies Aerospace Systems, Sikorsky and the other divisions of UTC.



“The fact that Pratt and UTC are making such a substantial commitment to Connecticut and they will be increasing their technical footprint here in the state going forward is good news to local small businesses like Whitcraft.”



Testimony of AGC, Inc.

(a division of Loar Group), Dirkson Charles, founder and CEO of Loar Group:


“We invested in Connecticut when we chose to buy a company here and we have continued to invest since that day.  And the agreement announced today proves to us that we were right.  With the investments it is making, Connecticut is at rue center of excellence for aerospace manufacturing.  And the CT Aerospace Reinvestment Act will not only help UTC to continue to invest in growing its engineering and research development base in the state, but will also help the hundreds of aerospace suppliers across Connecticut, just like my company.”



Testimony of GKN Aerospace

, Tony Cacace, Executive Vice President of Technology, and Steven Hayse, Principal Technologist:


“By integrating Pratt & Whitney design and GKN manufacturing, the Integrated Product Development Team (or IPDT) process and collaborative research and development are credited with that success.  Enhancing that same approach will be a benefit to Connecticut and local businesses and communities.


“In our opinion, the CT Aerospace Reinvestment Act will have the following benefits:


  • Enhanced IPDT capability, which will lead to posturing Connecticut companies to become more competitive
  • Give our students ability to work in Connecticut and help local manufacturers
  • Higher technology applications for UConn science with CCAT applied technology to give UTC cutting edge capabilities
  • Research and development will create the future of Connecticut’s position in a global competitive environment
  • The beginning renaissance in the aerospace industry presents an opportunity for the State of Connecticut to become a leader in innovations in technology and product applications.”



Testimony of AdChem Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

, Michael Polo, CEO/Founder:


“My father and I started our small aerospace manufacturing company 28 years ago located in Manchester, Connecticut.  I grew up in Connecticut manufacturing.  My dad, Paul Polo worked at Pratt & Whitney and had a second job at a small Connecticut Aerospace manufacturing company he eventually owned in 1978 and grew from 50 people to 545 people until he sold it in 2004 and came on board with us.


“…we have in Connecticut all the pieces of the puzzle including CCAT, UConn, CONNSTEP, ACM, Goodwin College, our tech high schools and colleges which are critical for the growth and sustainment of aerospace manufacturing to fulfill our vibrant future with collaboration from Pratt and UTC being located here in Connecticut.


“For these reasons, I strongly support HB 5465, the Connecticut Aerospace Reinvestment Act.”



Testimony of Marcia Leclerc

, Mayor of East Hartford:


“…when we are presented with a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity,’ as our Governor accurately stated, by UTC proposal of investment in our community, we must act quickly and decisively. We all have the opportunity to be a part of the next chapter in this state’s history.


“The new 425,000-square-foot Pratt & Whitney headquarters and the 100,000-square-feet of new and renovated research and engineering labs will bring in millions of dollars in revenue not only to East Hartford, but also to the region and state. The expansion will directly result in the creation of temporary and high paying jobs. With this reinvestment comes relief to our grand lists, and in turn, our taxpayers.


“These proposed plans are consistent with East Hartford’s Plan of Conservation and Development, as well as the master plan for Rentschler Field, which includes development of the remaining 400‐acres for housing, retail, office, and hotel space.  I believe this announcement will jump-start development that has been long stalled after the construction of the stadium and Cabela’s.  Since last week alone, we have responded to several new inquires about development along our Main Street and Silver Lane corridor.”

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