[Fairfield, CT, April 16, 2014]  On February 11th, 1969, the Fairfield Woods Branch Library opened its doors to the public for the first time.  Five years later, the Branch Library became the busiest of the then 47 branches in Connecticut.  Forty-five years later, it continues to be the busiest branch library of the now 75 branch libraries in Connecticut.

Today, Fairfield Woods Branch Library is transitioning into a neighborhood library that responds to traditional community needs as well as the 21st century needs of Fairfielders. It’s not just about books and technology – it’s about championing the cultural lives of its community members and strengthening the neighborhood.  The Branch Library is a place where community-building connections are happening every day.

Seniors – visit daily to keep up with current events reading newspapers and magazines, chat with neighbors and participate in programs that promote learning such as lectures on history, book clubs, and crafts.  The weekly Purls of Wisdom knitting group is a great example.   A regular attendee, Gloria Roach says “I look forward to going to the Fairfield Woods Branch Library every Thursday morning for the knitting group.  We have a tremendous amount of fun and we are learning every time we are there.  Once a month, we also have a book club and have lively discussions about the books.  The Library is one of my favorite places to visit.

“Adults – heavy technology users; computers, wireless, databases such as Consumers Reports and digital collections.  Streaming and downloading music as well as the outstanding music collection of latest CDs, but also the very popular monthly DIY Craft Salon.  Jeanette McMahon says “Every month, we work on a different craft.  The craft is always new, fun and well presented.  I bring home a project which I can share with my family.  Attending the Craft Salon is fun.  It is something I do for myself in the middle of a busy month.  I enjoy talking with other participants while I am learning something new.  The conversation with the women is good for the body and soul.”

Teens – the newest department at the Branch.  Established in 2008, the downUNDER is a safe, welcoming space.  The professional teen services librarian helps students transition from children’s to adult services and offers year-round curricular support for teens and their parents/advocates. Teens receive homework support and participate in afterschool activities that encourage creativity and community building.

Children – helps to support and understands the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills for today’s students.  Science STARS and Lego architect programs introduce these topics and allow exploration in a fun and educational way.  Of course traditional story times remain popular and reinforce children’s pre-reading and motor skills.

Families – Seed to Seed Library is one of our most popular community services, as are the classes on gardening with occasional hands on instruction at our community garden.   Active for 4 years, this seed-lending library has garnered national and international attention and has been featured (appeared) in articles from American Libraries, the French magazine Kaizene, the University of Alaska’s Agroborealis, Modern Farmer and Connecticut Gardener.

The Fairfield Woods Branch Library is a neighborhood hub, visited by families, students, seniors and people from all walks of life – an average of 675 visitors per day.  Surrounded by schools, places of worship and senior housing, the Branch Library continues to maintain outstanding service and is an integral part of this economically-diverse community.

All programs at the Fairfield Public Library are free of charge.  For more information and to register for this event call 203-255-7308, or visit us on the web www.fairfieldpubliclibrary.org .  Follow the Fairfield Public Library on Twitter: www.twitter.com/fairfieldpublib and Facebook: www.facebook.com/fairfieldlibrary.

By Alex

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