(Bridgeport, CT – May 19, 2014) – A 31-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to shoot a man and his dog, which had bitten him, unless he was paid $300.

Officer Carla Remele went to Dover Street Friday on a report of a man being threatened with a gun.

She learned that the target of the threats had taken his dog outside when a man approached and asked if the dog was “good.” The owner said he was but when the man approached the dog snapped and cut the man’s face.

The suspect, identified as Mechech Housen, of Bridgeport, got angry and, according to the dog owner, pulled out a handgun and demanded money “or I will kill you and your dog.”

The dog owner retreated inside his home.

When police arrived, Housen emerged from his girlfriend’s house. He spoke with Officers Roberto Quintanilla and Ian Shoumaker and complained that his injury was worth $300. He declined medical treatment. He continued screaming and causing a disturbance.

Housen was arrested for threatening, breach of peace and possession of narcotics after police found him in possession of heroin.

Police searched the girlfriend’s home with consent but did not locate a firearm.

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