(Bridgeport, CT — April 30, 2014) – A Fairfield man was arrested after he falsely reported that he was stabbed  and poisoned Tuesday.

Police responded to Seaver Circle at 2 a.m. and encountered the 911 caller. The man, Ardit Fejzaj, 26, of Fairfield, told police that he had, in fact, not been stabbed and he stated that he said that he had been stabbed expecting police response would be faster.

He went on to state that he had been poisoned by his friends and identified a supposed suspect.

Police went to the nearby address of the “suspect”  and explained why they were there.

A family member called the man and he arrived home a short time later. He explained to police that he had some friends at his house that night, lit a fire in a fire pit and they drank beer. He stated that he was told that Fejzaj, at some point earlier,  had consumed a hallucinogenic mushroom.

As the gather ended, police were told, the resident drove his friends home in an effort to be responsible since his friends had been drinking. The resident returned home and told Fejzaj he would drive him to his house. At that point, Fejzaj jumped a fence and ran away.

When police spoke to Fejzaj at the hospital, officers confirmed that he had not been stabbed and learned that he had ingested mushrooms earlier in the night. Fejzaj, continued to state that he was held down against his will by his friends on Seaver Circle. Officers checked his clothing and the back yard and found no evidence to corroborate that.

Fejzaj was issued a misdemeanor summons for falsely reporting an incident.

By Alex

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