(Bridgeport, CT – June 11, 2014) – A city man faces robbery and assault charges after he lured a co-worker to a location in Bridgeport on a promise to sell him auto parts and instead robbed him gunpoint.

Detectives Chris Borona and Sean Ronan obtained a statement from a 22-year-old Stratford man who stated that a co-worker he knows as “Javon” agreed to sell him auto parts for a vehicle for $800.

The two work together at a Westport business. Javon later was identified as Javon Oden, 21, of Bridgeport.

The robbery was reported shortly after midnight on Sunday. The victim stated he called Javon late on Saturday and arranged to meet in Bridgeport to buy the auto parts. He brought $800 in cash and entered Oden’s car.

Instead of making the transaction, Oden took the cash, pulled out a gun and ordered the victim out of the car. When the victim refused, a second male with Oden pulled the victim out of the vehicle. The victim stated he was beaten and pistol whipped.

Borona and Ronan were able to confirm the identity of the suspect and contacted Westport police. Borona, Ronan and Detectives Michael Fiumidinisi and Art Calvao responded to the location Monday and found the suspect in the store. He was identified by the victim as one of the men who robbed him. The investigation remains ongoing and the second suspect has not yet been identified.

Oden faces charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree assault and conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery. His bond was set at $75,000.


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