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#Fairfield CT–Fairfield Police investigated two reported abductions of women withing an hour between calls. The first call was around 8:30pm when a mother called police that her daughter went out on a jog and was missing. A short time later the mom called police that another family member received a call from the victim that she was confused and did not know where she was. She then reported that her assailant made her cut her face, not a stabbing as reported by other media. The victim was treated by AMR while Fairfield’s K-9 Ruger and Officer Kevin Wells tracked the suspect in the wooded area behind Fairfield University at College Park Road, near the soccer/lacrosse fields of the University. They were looking for a white male, dressed in all black with a mask. The track ended about 45 minutes later when police received another call for another abduction report, this time in the Chip’s Parking Lot at 525 Tunxis Hill Cut Off. A Hispanic Male grabbed a black woman with a bloody nose and threw her into the passenger seat of a dark colored Toyota with a baby and baby sear in the backseat , and fled down Tunxis Hill Cut Off towards Kohl’s. Both abductions are under investigation. All audio from police was edited and not in real time. ©2014 DoingItLocal.com NOT for broadcast.

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