Laurence Bradley, Westport Planning & Zoning Director announced today that on June 19, 2014, the Planning & Zoning Commission is scheduled to review two text amendments (Amendment #676 and Amendment #677) to the Westport Zoning Regulations.

Text Amendment #676 (Application #14-021) was submitted by the Planning & Zoning Commission to amend the existing excavation and fill regulations.  In 2011, the Commission had previously amended these regulations but further refinements are now needed.  These most recent changes include reducing the number of exempt activities, creating some new exemptions for roads and driveways, limiting the use of fill to measure building height and reducing the severity of man made slopes.


Text Amendment #677 (Application #14-024) was submitted by First Selectman James S. Marpe to modify §4-5 Maximum Allowable Multi-family Dwellings and §32-15A Senior Residential Community.  The proposed change will modify an earlier version of §32-15A which was adopted in May 2011.  Specifically, the currently proposed changes will exempt age restricted senior housing on Town owned property from the limit on multi-family dwellings, will allow a broader list of amenities, will change the affordability requirement from 60% to 20% and grant specific changes to setbacks, concealed parking and architectural design for Senior Residential Community projects on Town owned property.


All those interested in these amendments are encouraged to attend the Planning & Zoning Commission’s public hearing on June 19th at 7:00 PM in the Westport Town Hall Auditorium.


Copies of the amendments are available for viewing in Town Hall both in the P&Z Office and in the office of the Town Clerk.


The Commission can receive written comments from the public in advance of the hearing.  Once the hearing is closed, no more information or comments will be accepted.

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