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Bridgeport, CT – Residents are reminded by the City of Bridgeport Department of Public Facilities to deposit only recyclable materials in their recycling cans for pickup. Non-collection items are reported by sanitation personnel as a result of the presence of the following non-recyclable materials in recycling cans:
· Plastic film of any sort (plastic grocery bags, trash bags, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc.)
· Cardboard not broken down and left bundled next to the can.
· Mixed trash with recyclables.
· Grass clippings.
· Styrofoam.
Do not bag your recyclables; instead, leave them loose in your recycling cans. In addition, never put trash in your recycling can. Any items, except cardboard, outside of your can will not be collected. Failure to follow these requirements will result in your recycling not being collected and/or a fine. Make certain that all recyclable materials are acceptable, clean, and free of food debris. Uncleaned recyclable items will not be collected, and personnel will leave a sticker on the can explaining why it was not collected. Sanitation personnel reject cans carrying these and other non-recyclables because mixing recyclables and non-recyclable items might result in the rejection of substantial amounts of the City’s recycling at the facility where it is processed.
Make sure to put your can out one day before your planned pick-up day. If your recyclable items are not picked up, you can take it to the transfer station at 475 Asylum Street for free.
If you require an additional recycling can, please contact the Department of Public Facilities at (203) 576 7124. The Department of Public Facilities or the recycling sanitation manager will provide the resident with a can at no cost. Recycling standards must be followed in order to obtain an additional can.
The Bridgeport Sanitation Division collects all general home solid garbage weekly curbside in accordance with all relevant City, State, and Federal health, environmental, and safety standards. For additional information on the trash collection schedule, please visit
As required by City statute, the Recycling Division collects recyclable items from the solid waste stream and transports them to a regional intermediate processing plant. Recycling collects glass, metal food containers, newspapers, HDPE and PETE plastics at the curb twice a week. For additional information on the recycling pick-up schedule, please visit press release was made possible by:

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