(MIDDLETOWN, CT – December 29, 2022) – With New Year’s Eve just days away, Connecticut State Troopers are preparing for roadway enforcement to keep drivers and passengers safe on a busy travel night.

As always, drivers are asked to ditch the distractions and plan their trips with safety in mind. Traffic is consistently heavy during the week between Christmas and New Year’s and 2022 will be no different.

In order to keep passengers and themselves safe, drivers are asked to drive the speed limit, buckle up, use signals when turning or changing lanes and ditch the cell phones. Of course, drivers should never consume alcoholic beverages or drugs that diminish one’s driving abilities (including those legally prescribed) before

getting behind the wheel.

“It is vital to everyone’s safety that operators follow traffic laws in order to keep roadways clear of hazards. We count on the motoring public to have their vehicles road-ready prior to leaving home and to ditch distractions once they are behind the wheel,” noted Colonel Stavros Mellekas, commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police. “Keep an eye on weather, as conditions in our state tend to change quickly this time of year.”

“Roving Trooper patrols will continue this week and into New Year’s Eve weekend to focus on those who may be operating under the influence. Once again, I ask citizens of Connecticut to be our partners in public safety during this busy week and always,” Colonel Mellekas said. “Please celebrate responsibly and plan ahead for a safe and sober ride after the confetti has fallen. Let’s work together to ring in a safe and healthy 2023.”

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