National Safe Boating Week is May 20-26, 2023. The Norwalk Police Department Marine Unit would like to remind boaters of several tips before the season starts to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable boating season.

• Wear a life vest and have them readily accessible with enough for everyone on board

• Do not exceed the stated capacity of your boat

• Have a throwable floatation device such as a life vest

• Have at least one fire extinguisher on board, more are required by the Coast Guard for larger vessels

• Clearly display the registration numbers, if it is a canoe or kayak place a sticker with your name and phone number should it break loose and float away. These stickers can be picked up from the Marine Unit.

• Flares and sound signal devices are required

• Have a handheld VHF radio or one installed on the boat

• 911 is the fastest way to summon emergency assistance, this should be followed up with a VHF radio call on channel 16

• Alcohol and boating do not mix, the same DUI rules apply to boating

• Be aware of channel closures and barges for the upcoming Walk Bridge Project

• A required list of items for the length of your boat can be found on the USCG Website The Marine Unit is also holding an expired boating flare takeback program. Expired flares can be turned into the Norwalk Marine Unit from May 20-May 31 at no cost. The Marine Unit is located at 100 Water Street Norwalk.

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