Bassick High School

Trash fire at school

1:25pm--#Bridgeport CT--Curiale School at 300 Laurel Ave was evacuated due to a trash can in the boys room set on fire.  Firefighters are on the scene ventilating  and police are investigating. The school was evacuated.   Earlier today Bassick High School was dismissed early due to a bomb threat.

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Shots fired- Bridgeport teen arrested

Police investigating a report of shots fired Thursday arrested  a 19-year-old with a loaded gun. At about 3 p.m. Thursday, Officers Anthony Caiazzo and Alfred Cesar were on patrol in the area of Bassick High School when they heard four or five gunshots. They heard from a witness that after the loud bangs a man in a black hooded sweatshirt ran down Colorado Street. They also learned from a Bassick security guard that the shots happened in the area of Wentfield Park. As they checked the area, they observed a Pontiac Grand Prix occupied by three males with a fourth standing at the driver’s window. When the fourth man saw police, he walked off briskly. He didn’t get far. Officer…

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