car accident

Stratford rollover

1:47am–#Stratford CT–Report of a rollover accident on James Farm Road and Chapel Street.  First responders on the way.   UPDATE—Hmmm, no one in the car.  UPDATE–The car was registered to an address on Candlewood Road right up the street.  The driver admitted to police to driving the car.   That’s good because K-9 was going to find him anyways.

Pursuit ends in crash

11:30pm–#Straford CT #Bridgeport CT–Stratford Avenue Police in pursuit of a car on Connecticut Avenue now on Orange Street near Wilmont where the suspect crashed into a utility pole.  Police were just out at the Honeyspot Motel where she was arguing with another woman who is still at large in Stratford.

Fairfield Accident

11:09pm–#Fairfield CT–Report of a car crashing into a utility pole at Farifeld Woods Road and Lucille Street.    Wires reported in the road way, unknown if electrical.

11:19pm UPDATE–Everyone safely out of the vehicle. A power line the services a house is lying in the road. Expect delays until UI gets there.