Mayor Joe Ganim

Bridgeport News: Bouncer Shot

2019-11-10@9:37pm--#Bridgeport CT—According to radio reports, a bouncer was shot in the stomach at the Perfections Lounge at 1603 Barnum Avenue. The shooter fled down Barnum Avenue down Elizabeth Street according to those same radio reports. I’m still waiting on an official report of the shooting last night on Bond Street from police spokesperson Terron Jones and I don’t expect this to be any different. It’s not me or the Connecticut Post he is not reporting to but you, the taxpayer who is not being properly informed, and just 4 days after election day….

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Bridgeport News: Bluefish Out Live Nation In

#Bridgeport News: The Bluefish run of twenty years is over.  Mayor Ganim announced today that Live Nation will take over at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard.  Below are press statements from the mayor and the Bluefish:   Bluefish Statement Here: The Bridgeport Bluefish Professional Baseball Club has been notified that the City of Bridgeport will pursue a proposal to turn The Ballpark at Harbor Yard, the team's home since 1998, into an amphitheater intended for concerts. "We are proud of the 20-year run the Bridgeport Bluefish have had," said Bluefish principal owner Frank Boulton. "While we are disappointed the City decided to turn the ballpark into a 29-date concert venue, we wish them the best of luck, and we hope…

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Bridgeport News: Mayor Ganim: Negative Effects To Bridgeport Of The State Not Having A Budget

The state of Connecticut is now in special session to get a budget for the state and there still is no state budget. It can mean cuts to many towns and cities. I met with Mayor Ganim to see what impact no budget will have on Bridgeport. Mayor Ganim said the lack of budget will cut over twenty-seven million dollars from Bridgeport's budget. This is only five percent across the board. “I guess when you say it this way it doesn't sound like much,” Ganim admitted. However, it will be difficult as police, fire, education, and employees will not be cut. The mayor is concerned about it, and so far the mayor has made some budget and hiring freezes. The…

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Mayor Ganim Visits Senator Hwang’s Community Diversity Conversation…For A While

#Bridgeport CT-- State Senator Tony Hwang along with Reverend Cass Shaw held a Community Diversity Conversation at 7pm Tuesday night at the University of Bridgeport’s Littlefield Recital Hall in the Arnold Bernhard Arts and Humanities Center.  About 30 people were in attendance.  Mayor Joe Ganim slipped in the back for about fifteen minutes when Senator Hwang acknowledged and welcome the mayor.  Members from the audience asked if it was candidate for Governor Ganim which he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.   The mayor thanked Senator Hwang and said he had to run to another engagement.   City council members were getting an earful at that time from the public at the City Hall with a hearing of the City Council’s Budget and Appropriations…

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Bridgeport News: Stratford Avenue Blight Knocked Down

Bridgeport, CT – Mayor Joseph Ganim this week joined East End community leaders and City Council members to knock down two properties on Stratford Ave that make up the Civic Block. Future developments will be a part of a $10 million project that will include a state-of-the-art library, a public park, a community based grocery store, affordable housing and retail space. This area was previously made up of businesses such as Braxton’s, Sub King, Connecticut National Bank, and Firestone that were staples in the Community in the late 1960’s. “The Civic Block was once an economically thriving community. We are going to make these properties useful to our residents again,” said Mayor Ganim. “This is a long overdue project that…

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Bridgeport Police Swear In 26 New Recruits

Bridgeport News: 26 New Police Recruits Sworn In

#Bridgeport CT-- Today Mayor Joe Ganim swore in 26 new recruits.  During the mayors campaign he promised to hire one hundred new recruits, this will bring the total to ninety.  The mayor told me that public safety is the only department that was not affected by last year's budget cuts.  During his state of the city address this afternoon he said he wants more officers on foot patrol.   The recruits will train for about six months at the police academy located on Newfield Avenue in Bridgeport.  The recruits will train for another six months on the street with seasoned officers.  

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