Month: February 2011

Breaking News February 28th

5:50pm–Bridgeport–Police on scene, a pit bull is eating a Beers St. resident’s Yorkshire Terrier.  Police call their sergeant uncertain what to do.

1:38–Bridgeport–Small paper fire on the 4th floor at 205 Washington Avenue quickly extinguished by fire department.

IBM Watson vs. Members of Congress
Coming off the heels of its recent Jeopardy! win, Watson is visiting Washington today for some nonpartisan sparring with congressional members. Politics and fun aside, the match is more than game playing. The technology behind Watson represents a major advancement in enabling computers to more precisely respond to information needs, finding the critical knowledge buried in huge volumes of natural language content people face every day. So in the data intensive environment of government, this type of technology can help organizations make better decisions and improve how government helps its citizens.

Breaking News February 27th


10:02pm–Bridgeport–Car jacking- Delivery person robbed and car jacked while making a delivery on Staple Street (off Wood Ave.)  taking his 2004 white Nissan Sentra by 3 Hispanic males; a gun was shown.  A short time later a call comes in from a Beechwood Avenue resident of a break in taking place in their garage.  Police set a perimeter and capture the three carjackers in this garage.

9:21pm–Bridgeport–M&J Variety on State Street robbed at gunpoint of over $300.    Police are looking for a Hispanic male, 5’5″ 150 pounds wearing all all black clothing including a black bomber jacket and a black hat with a “C” on it; he is still at large.

3:55am–Bridgeport–Main Street and Beechmont, car into tree in the medium.

2:15am–Fairfield–Pick up truck strikes hydrant at Lacey Place and Post Road.

1:25am–Bridgeport–Man struck in the head with heavy bleeding at Club Azur on Wood Street during a fight in the parking lot.

12:20am–Bridgeport–Car fire on High Ridge and Alexander Ave.   Fire Department quickly took care of it.

Fairfield Dairy Queen Undercover…..for now

I got a panicked message on Facebook asking if I knew if the roof collapsed at Dairy Queen on 1902 Post Road.  With all the heavy snow we had I wouldn’t have been surprised;  the building has stood there since 1949.  I just don’t recall any roof collapses in Fairfield this brutal winter.  I did recall a story in The Patch about DQ renovating which you can read here.

Mid March Opening Expected

Since I was on my way out to cover the story on Blockbuster’s leaving and Chip’s Family Restaurant’s arrival I thought I would take a ride out.  I’m not always down that way, usually Dairy Queen IS my destination when I’m on this side of town.  Most Fairfielders know DQ is usually opened by February school vacation.

I met with Nick Frattaroli who has owned the DQ since March 1980.  He confirmed that they are usually opened by now, but the blizzards we have experienced this winter has delayed us getting our Blizzards!  The store is getting a full make over with new windows, new equipment and and a new stucco exterior.  Stucco needs a temperature of at least  40 degrees Fahrenheit to cure so they have to cover the building in the tarps and heat within.  Nick said he wants to keep the same pricing as last year, I noted the rising gas and fuel prices and wished him luck!  Good to know we have business owners with a conscious!

In addition to the improvements, fans of smoothies will be delighted to know that Orange Julius has merged with DQ and Orange Julius items will be found on the menu.  Nick told me the menu will expand but nothing that takes too much time to make to keep wait times at a minimum.   They expect a mid-March opening.  I can’t wait to be there this summer complaining about  the heat!

Blockbuster Closes in Fairfield, Chip’s Pancakes to Take Its Place

Doors were locked as of today.
Customers Surprised At Store's Closing

Customers of  the Tunxis Hill Blockbuster were surprised to find the doors locked and the store was closing permanently.  The Blockbuster chain plans on closing 182 stores in the first quarter of 2011.  This will leave 2,800 stores despite closing nearly 1,000 stores over the past two years.  Blockbuster has faced severe competition from many areas,  from Redbox rental dispensers in most grocery stores to Netfilix mail and on demand as well as on demand services from cable TV  satellite and internet.  Employees inside the store taking inventory would not answer the door so it is uncertain if the store is permanently closed or just today for inventory.  A sign posted on the door did say they are no longer renting but “Everything Now On Sale”.

Coming Soon!

We did confirm that Chip’s Family Restaurants will be taking Blockbuster place at this location.  A manager at the Chip’s Orange Store verified that the town of Fairfield approved their application and they plan on beginning construction by mid April.  They expect the new store to open sometime in August or September of 2011.

Breaking News February 26th

Fairfield Cafe -770 Commerce Dr. , Fairfield 203-331-3911

5:21pm–Bridgeport–Missing ten year old from Oman Street found by police a few blocks away on Nautilus Street.

4:39–Bridgeport–Report of a pedestrian struck at Connecticut Ave and Wilmont Ave.

4:32pm–Bridgeport–Fire department on the scene of a gas leak at 234 Charles Street.   Fire officials on scene have requested the gas company to the scene and they are 15 minutes away.  Police have just been requested to block off the road.

12:05pm–Bridgeport–Police are looking for black male in his 20s who displayed a gun attempted a robbery in front of Beardsley Park.  He is wearing a green hat and  a blue jacket.  He fled towards the bridge near Quarry Road.


3:22am–Fairfield–Fight at Andros Diner spills out onto Tunxis Hill Road as police chase suspect and apprehend him behind Lewis Lighting.  One subject requires medical attention for a head laceration in the diner’s parking lot.


2:46–Bridgeport–Alleged drunk driver gets stuck in the mud inside Beardsley Park after closing; past the locked gates and almost into the  water.  Police are on scene.


2:20am–Fairfield–4 white males in their early 20s entered 1008 Fairfield Beach Road and stole a keg of beer.


Scanners off to a quiet start, mostly moving violation activity.  Drive safely and watch for black ice, there have been numerous reports.

Breaking News February 25th

11:49pm–Scanners remain on the quiet side, mostly hearing traffic stop calls. So be extra careful driving, they are watching!


6:03pm–Police are reporting a large power outage in the Black Rock Section of Bridgeport.  6:13 Update Officer just reported lights went back on.


4:37pm–Attempted robbery at Wood Market, 427 Wood Avenue, no weapon displayed.


Robber was wearing a light purple Champion Hoodie and fled on a bicycle towards Maplewood Ave.


4:12pm–Bridgeport–Report of a fire at 597 Pearl Harbor Street,  FD on scene reporting smoke coming from the rear of the building.  4:18 UPDATE–Rubbish fire extinguished, not in the structure.


12:33pm–Attempted bank robbery at Community Bank, East Main Street.  PD looking for a 5′ 6″ black male wearing all black displayed a black handgun.  He  fled towards CVS/Vinny’s Pizza area.  Police canine are in the area tracking suspect.


1:33am–Bridgeport–Fire Department on the scene of Prospect House (homeless shelter) on Prospect Street. Building has been evacuated, FD is investigating.  UPDATE-No fire reported.

1:22am–Bridgeport–Pickup truck strikes telephone pole on North Ave. and Islandbrook Ave. Driver complaining of chest pain, ambulance on the way.

1:01am–Report of an odor of natural gas at 92 Denver Ave. This always brings out lots of fire apparatus and wakes the whole neighborhood!  1:11am UPDATE- Zero readings alarm recalled.