Month: June 2012

Grenade Found In Fairfield

A man cleaning out his deceased brother’s apartment had a bit of a surprise when he found a hand grenade among his possessions. The grenade was inside a container, the brother did not want to move it so he immediately called 911. Officials called in State Police who are better equipped in explosives. Often times grenades that are found in veteran’s possessions are training devices with no explosives inside but it is best to err on the side of caution. A neighbor told me the man recently moved into the complex before passing. Trefoil Court is subsidized housing owned by the town of Fairfield and has has 30 total units and 30 assisted units for the elderly and disabled. We will let you know the outcome of the State Police’s investigation as soon as it becomes available.

Happenings NOW 6-30 thru 7-2-2012

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11:30pm–Fairfiedld–Uh oh, time to call Marsillio’s ! Dryer on fire at 34 Smith Street.

10:10pm–Bridgeport–Another shooting, this time at City View Avenue. Man was shot sitting in his car, this time the bullet found his arm. He was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wound. Police are looking for a 6 foot tall black male wearing a white t-shirt who fled on foot towards Reservoir Ave.

8:12pm–Bridgeport–Watch out pursuit on Mountain Grove from Fairfield Ave.  8:20pm–Party in custody, near Butler and State was the last update I got.

7:18pm–Easton–A four year old has gone through a glass door, possibly cutting her artery on her arm at Gate Ridge Road. 2nd tone by town has gone out looking any available EMT.  UPDATE–AMR got dispatched and downgraded the call theit was a hand laceration.

3:26am–Bridgeport–If you are parked at the train station check your car, three cars were just broken in to.

3:18am–Bridgeport–Report of an attempted rape on Williams Street.  Two Hispanic males are sought as suspects.   The woman is bleeding from her head and neck.

3:07am–Bridgeport–Fire on the second floor at 155 Deacon Street.  Fire department on scene opening the wall and going to work.  Fire marshal requested to the scene.  3:15 alarm of fire recalled.

2:44am–Bridgeport–A landlord on Pleasant Street is reporting that evicted tenants left the gas on causing a serious hazardous condition.   Fire department on scene requesting police.

2:01am–Bridgeport–A man at 364 High Ridge Drive wakes up to find a man over him with a flashlight.  The man flees.  The victim finds a knife in his living room left behind.   Police are investigating.

2:12am–Bridgeport–Report of a car crashing into a utility pole at Fairfield Avenue and Clinton Avenue with entrapment.   UPDATE–2 in serious condition driver very serious.

1:12am–#Bridgeport–Bridgeport Police car involved in a minor accident at East Main Street and Ann Street.7/1/2012

1:11am–#Bridgeport– Report of a rollover car accident with entrapment at Barnum and Bishop Ave.


12:48am–#Bridgeport–Car fire at Central Ave. and Trowel Street in an alley way. Witness said the car “blew up”. Car is fully involved.


8:27pm–#Bridgeport–Bridgeport fire department rescue responding to Seaside Park off #Stratford shores for twenty foot boat in distress. UPDATE–Boater makes it ashore, forgets to let emergency rescuers know.

7:38pm–#Fairifeld–Child bitten in the face by a neighbor’s dog on Pine Creek Ave.

4:10pm–#Bridgeport–Car fire on Hillhouse Avenue (between Main and Beechmont Ave.).

4:02pm–#Bridgeport–Report of an electrical outlet on fire on the first floor of 208 Park Street. Fire department on the way.

12:51am–#Fairfield #cttraffic–I-95 northbound on exit 19 on ramp. Multi car accident with injuries.

Lt. Daniels To Be Replaced as Community Services Head

Lt. David Danies Being Replaced as Community Services Head

Lieutenant David Daniels III Officer in Charge of the Community Services Division for the Bridgeport Police Department has confirmed that he is being replaced by the department. I spoke with Lt. Daniels and he said “I called the Chief and asked him about it and was told that he feels a change is necessary, I also spoke to the mayor whom told me it was the chief’s choice. Police officers are like soldiers and have to go where we are sent, I will go on to my next assignment without reservation.” was first alerted to this from Eneida Martinez-Walker when she posted on our Facebook wall of an upcoming protest for Lt. Daniels on Friday July 6, 2012 at 6pm at Margaret E. Morton Government Center formerly known as City Hall Annex. Lt. Daniels would not speculate why he is being replaced. We called Elaine Ficcara, Director of Communications for Mayor Finch and left a message. When she contacts us we will post an update to this online article. Lt. Daniels said he is “comfortable where he is in life”, his only concerns are what is going to happen with the community programs he has started like the Officer Friendly Basketball Program, iWatch Bridgeport, the Community Food and Toy Giveaway during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Lt. Daniels said he will continue with the Connecticut Stop Violence Movement he started this year. “This has nothing to do with my position with the city but everything about me being a born and bred citizen of Bridgeport” he said. Ironically Daniels is scheduled to retire from the force this October.

Happenings NOW

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3:09am–Bridgeport–Armed robbery on North Avenue and Main. Woman is at the Shell Station says she was walking home when three Hispanic males in a car drove up to her and robbed her. The passenger displayed a silver handgun.

2:30am–Bridgeport–Police were called to Magnolia Street for a person who was threatened with a firearm. The witness says the gun was disposed of in an abandoned building. Police discover a bloodied shirt and finds an victim who was assaulted on Palm Street two blocks down.

1:11am–Two people are shot in Bridgeport in the area of the Citgo gas station on at 915 Reservoir Ave. One man is critical with wounds to the chest. Both were driven to St. Vincent Hospital in a private vehicle. Police say there was no shooting on Parrot Ave. as previously reported. There was a shooting at this same location back in April.

12:00am–#Bridgeport–Report of a motor vehicle accident with entrapment on East Main and Stillman St.

Standoff Ends Peacefully In Fairfield

Around 7:45pm Wednesday police received a call that a tennant threatened his landllord with a gun. Police surrounded the multi family home located at 533 Black Rock Turnpike, which is right before the on ramp of I-95 near the Staples at the circle. The man threatened to harm police if they were called so police closed off the road and and took neighbors next to the home to a safe area. Initial scanner reports said that his girlfirend was locked in a bedroom possibly as a hostage situation which turned out not to be the case. Faifield’s heavily armored SWAT Team entered the home. Deputy Chief Chris Lyddy told us the house was found to be empty. Lyddy told us that the area is secure and they do not expect the man to renter the neighborhood. Shortly after 10:30pm scanner traffic said the car the suspect was traveling in was pulled over on Post Road East.

Popular Stamford Man Killed In Laundromat

STAMFORD — A man considered a beloved neighborhood fixture on the city’s West Side was found dead early Tuesday morning in an apparent homicide at a Stillwater Avenue laundromat. The man, identified by friends as 50-year-old Jimmy Decrescenzo, of 26 Main St., Stamford, died of blunt force trauma after an apparent robbery, according to Stamford Police Lt. Diedrich Hohn.

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Moody’s Give Fairfield AAA Rating

First Selectman Mike Tetreau announced today that Moody’s Investors Service has re-affirmed
the Town’s Aaa coveted rating and stable outlook. Moody’s has assigned the Town with an Aaa
rating to Fairfield’s $37.6 million of General Obligation Bonds, Issue of 2012 and a MIG 1 to
$12.1 million of General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes.

According to Moody’s report, which was issued to the Town on June 26, 2012, “Moody’s has
also re-affirmed the Aaa rating on $192.2 million of outstanding general obligation unlimited
tax debt. The outlook on all bonds is stable. The bonds and the notes are secured by the town’s
general obligation unlimited tax pledge. Proceeds from the bonds will be used to permanently
refinance maturing BANs and towards financing the completion of the new Fairfield Metro
North train station and other school and town improvements. Proceeds from the notes will be
used to refinance maturing notes.”

Moody’s rationale for reaffirming the stable outlook reflects “significant improvement to
General Fund reserves and marked progress toward curing a long standing deficit in the town’s
Internal Service Fund (ISF) which Moody’s expects to continue over the medium term. Future
rating reviews will continue to consider the town’s maintenance of satisfactory General Fund
reserves and ability to fully fund its internal service obligations.”

Man Pulls 2 From Burning Car in Stratford

Just after 2:15 Saturday morning an SUV traveling down South Avenue lost control and slammed into a utility pole catching fire. Jonathan Sadowy was walking home after having a late night meal at the diner down the street when he came upon the crash. Police radio transmissions as well as witnesses told us that flames were coming from the engine compartment as high as eight to ten feet, fearing it might spread to two homes close to where the car came to a rest. Jonathan jumped into action and went to the car to see if he could help. A woman inside the car was unresponsive. With the vehicle on fire Jonathan pulled the woman from the car across the street to safety. He then went to help the man who was already out of the vehicle when he returned. Jonathan was unaware of the dangers of the downed power lines during his rescue. They resuscitating the woman until first responsders arrived. Firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze. Both the driver and passenger were transported to the hospital. The extent of their injuries are unknown at this time.

Kayakers Rescued in Fairfield

Just before 8pm Friday night Fairfield first responders received a call of a kayaker in distress about a mile off Penfield Beach.  One kayaker did come to the man’s aid but had trouble bringing him ashore.  Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola told us that his assistant Firefighter McDaniel, a former Coast Guard member was able to raise a small Coast Guard vessel on the radio, that happened to be working  in the area.  The two men appear to be in good condition after being in the water for over an hour, maybe slightly dehydrated.   They were taken ashore on board the Fairfield Police Boat.