Month: August 2012

Car Crashes Into Fairfield Home

Police are investigating on what caused a car to crash into a home on Berwick Avenue Thursday at 7:40pm. When police arrived police were looking for the driver who was inside the home. EMTs from American Medical Response was called to evaluate them. Witnesses tell us it was a woman It is unknown the condition of the woman.

Bridgeports 15th Homicide

Shortly before 3:30pm Thursday police received a call of two young men or teens shot, one fatally and the other person received a serious leg wound. Police did not have the names at this time. A minivan that fled the scene at a high rate of speed was located a short time later behind building 3 of Greene Homes on Highland Avenue across town. The two were gunned down on Hallett and Arctic Street.  This marks Bridgeport’s 15th homicide just after the passed a curfew for teens under the age of 18.

As with all breaking news facts change quickly.

WARNING–This video may be disturbing to some viewers.  DO NOT Watch if you are sensitive to violence in the streets.

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