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6:51pm–Bridgeport CT–A woman being threatened by known 18 year old with a silver handgun. Victim is hiding in a closet. Police on scene.  7:00pm–UPDATE–One in custody.

6:48pm—Bridgeport CT–Report of about 10-15 people fighting at the corner of Fairfield Ave. and Brewster Street. One man armed with a crowbar.

6:25pm–Stratford CT–Report of a heavy odor of natural gas at the Army National Guard at 53 Armory Road

4:05pm–Bridgeport CT–Upper Main Street to the Merritt Parkway is backed up due to a jackknifed tractor trailer.

Bridgeport Street update–The following streets have been plowed. A travel ban remains in effect throughout the City. Please stay off the roads so crews can continue to remove snow.  The complete list of passable streets can be found here…..

1:55am–Norwalk CT–Firefighters on scene at 11 Cliffview Drive for smoke in a house.  UPDATE–2:09am–It took quite a bit of investigation but firefighters did discover a fire in a wall and taking care or it.


All city buses are cancelled for Monday.   Get updates here.

11:18pm–Bridgeport CT–Police officer reporting a very strong odor of natural gas in the 400 block of Lakeside Drive. Plows are needed to get the gas company in since the road is not plowed. The officer is in a army vehicle and was able to get in.  UPDATE: Damaged meter on 395 Lakeside Drive. The house meters zero readings. National Guard will be needed to bring the gas company in since the road was not plowed.

All Judicial Branch courthouses and offices will be closed on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013

Bridgeport timeline for street clearing:   “Major roads are expected to be cleared by Tuesday or Wednesday;
Secondary roads are expected to be cleared by Thursday or Friday; and  All remaining residential roads are expected to be cleared by Saturday or Sunday.”

10:39pm–Stratford CT–Fist fight in the lobby at the Stratford Inn aka the Ramada Inn on Lordship Blvd. Police on the way!

10:12pm–Bridgeport CT–DOT worker threatened and harassed by tow truck operator from Milford at Chopsey Hill Rd

9:33pm–Bridgeport CT–Woman gets stuck in the snow at South and Columbia Ave. Then she gets robbed at gunpoint, then shot in the buttock and leg.

8:06pm–Stratford CT–Firefighters investigating a strong odor of natural gas outside the Honeyspot Hotel on Honeyspot Road.

Fairfield update: DPW is reporting that our primary goal is to get one pass, one lane open on all roads. This may not be fully achieved until Monday. The road clearing progress is going slower than anticipated due to the large amounts of snow and the need for pay loaders to assist with clearing. We need to have roads clear for school buses before schools can open. We will provide updates on our progress tomorrow. It may take 2-3 days to get everything back to normal.

Bridgeport has cancelled school Monday and Tuesday, Shelton has cancelled Monday.  We don’t normally cover cancellations but WTNH does a great job, see complete list here.

12:12pm–Fairfield CT–Firefighters performing CPR to an alleged overdose patient who is in cardiac arrest now on Old Field Road. EMS cannot give a estimated time of arrival, they are stretched to the limits on calls and slow travel conditions. They have asked for mutual aid.  UPDATE–12:22pm–Firefighters transporting the patient via firetruck.  Patient is now breathing on their own.


DOT plow operator injured
DOT plow operator injured

10:01pm–#Fairfield CT–First responders sent to Burroughs Road for an unresponsive infant. Firefighters report that a snow plow is needed to get to the child.  UPDATE-1010 pm–Firefighters walk to house to get to unresponsive child. The child is now breathing and semi responsive. Traffic cannot pass on the road, a snowplow is needed. AMR still on the way.  UPDATE–10:19pm–AMR is told to meet a police cruiser to be driven to the home to attend to a semi-responsive infant.
UPDATE–11:25pm—I just spoke with the shift commander at Fairfield Police Department and he said the child on Burroughs Road is fine and was safely transported to the hospital.

8:30ish #Bridgeport CT–Around 8:30 a police car was sent to PC Richards Warehouse parking lot on Pine Street for a gray car with possibly someone trapped inside. It took awhile for the officer to locate the car and he sounded winded when he reported that he located the vehicle and that the windows were fogged. He seemed surprised when he found the occupant alive. The officer said the man was talking and alert and the man told the officer he had been there since Thursday. I will be contact Bridgeport’s Police’s media person for more details and will pass it on when I get it.

8:08pm–#Bridgeport CT #cttraffic- I-95 northbound near exit 26 Wordin Ave. A DOT worker plowing hit an abutment while plowing hitting his head on the windshield. He is in an out of consciousness, EMS on the way.

4:12pm–Bridgeport CT–EMS transporting 5 to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning from 1070 Main Street

12:26pm–Bridgeport CT–An Old Town Road woman came home to find her father frozen to death in the driveway.

11:11am–Fairfield CT–Report of a man falling off the roof of his house on Woodridge Avenue. First responders on their way.

I-95 near exit 22 the rest stop.  Traffic now has 2 lanes!
I-95 near exit 22 the rest stop. Traffic now has 2 lanes!

10:56am–Bridgeport CT–EMS on the way to Warren Street and Railroad for a woman who was stuck in her car now has “cold temperature exposure” problems according to EMS



7:21pm–Bridgeport CT—-EMS was on scene with a naked man,possibly on PCP at North Ave./Capitol Ave. He then got in his car and fled. Doesn’t he know there is a travel ban??? Police on the way.  UPDATE–Police corrected the location to North Ave. and Islandbrook.  The naked man fled in a silver Buick with another man who was dressed.

DO NOT put your hand down the chute of your snow blower!!! Westport EMS on the way to help a man who did just that.

4:49pm–Fairfield CT–Sparking wires in the 1200 block of Bronson Road.

4:40pm–Bridgeport CT –Reports of down sparking electrical lines down on Tudor Street.

4:13pm–Shelton CT–A car hit snow plow, extrication needed for occupants of the car at 144 Huntington Street.

3:43pm—Bridgeport CT–Firefighters on scene at 494 Amsterdam Avenue reporting there was an explosion at the back of this building, no fire, all occupants out for the building safely. Firefighters turning off gas to the building and requesting gas company to the scene.

3:36pm–Bridgeport CT–Report of a structure fire at 494 Amsterdam Avenue

3:24pm–Fairfield CT–Watch those trees sledding! Firefighters EMS on the way to the golf course on Jefferson Street for a 6 year old girl who struck a tree while sledding.

2:11pm–Bridgeport CT–Man calls police that he is outside Walgreens near the Shell Station on North Ave. he has located the man that stabbed him earlier walking in the area.

Re-tweet from Governor Malloy’s Office:
We’re asking all #CT residents to prepare for road closures starting at noon. Limit nonessential travel. More info soon

11:36am–Norwalk CT–Firefighters rush to Flax Hill Park for someone or something under the ice.  Firefighters on scene confirm it is a dog and they are attempting a rescue.  UPDATE–Sad to report the dog did not make it.  Divers pulled from the water.  Here are pics an story from The Hour

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