10:16pm–#Fairfield CT– #cttraffic–I-95 southbound near exit 24 in the center lane is an accident involving a motorcyclist.  Reports say the biker has amputated a leg in the accident.

By Stephen Krauchick

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2 thoughts on “Serious motocycle accident”
  1. We were just coming back from the Bluefish game when he passed us in the far left lane near exit 25. We almost hit him lying in the road between the right and center lanes 50 yards short of exit 24. The bike was down on the right breakdown lane.

  2. III was driving southbound in the left lane. and he passed me and two other cars in front of me driving on the white divider line between the middle and left lane flying at a very high speed. I told my friend who I was talking to this guy must have a death wish riding like that and I am afraid he will be on the road dead if he keeps riding like that. That was at Exit 29. I also noticed as he was up ahead he had no back lights. When the cars all began to slow I knew it was was him. Seriously what did he expect riding so irresponsibly? Some one who would ride like that shouldn’t be on a motorcycle ever! I prayed for this rider and his family. I will never know what made him ride so reckless. I felt angry and now I feel sad. It could have been prevented, it was his own fault and I thank God no one else was hurt by someone else’s stupidity.

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