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Viejo Feo Wine of Chile

Pinot Noir Rose: This wine has a clean nose with a crisp, fruit forward flavor with delicate red cherry and citrus notes. It has a sharp acidity that retains its freshness across all palates.


Merlot: This classic grape shows intense ruby red color and is pleasant to nose with a complex and intense vanilla bouquet, with chocolate and red fruits notes. It has a nice final balance of earthiness and tannins in this excellent example of a new world Merlot.


Sauvignon Blanc: Classic example of a new world Sauvignon Blanc with young, cool, green-grassy flavor and a stone mineral edge. Not overly citrus or fruity, this wine has pear, gooseberry and apple notes that together create a very crisp, fresh taste perfect for summer.


Carmenere: In this example of a classic Chilean wine, you have a deep purple, earthy color complimentary of its palate. It has a green, crisp flavor with fruit forward berry notes. It is spicy and bold, and has smooth, well-rounded tannins that is very pleasing and easy to drink.

Viejo Feo

Parovolini Wine of Veneto, Italy


Bianco de Custoza: This beautiful blend of four grapes grown classically in the Veneto region in Northern Italy has a floral nose with a stony, citrus fruit flavor. It is light bodied, crisp, smooth with a hint of minerality that makes for a perfect summer aperitif wine.


Barone Nero: A classic blend of grapes grown in the Veneto region that come together in a ruby red, full flavored, medium bodied, dry red wine. It has a hint of earthiness and spice along with cherry and coffee notes that come together with a very smooth finish.


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